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Microsoft has released a new cumulative update (OS build: 10586.164) for Windows 10 version 1511 on 8th March 2016. If you are not part of Windows Insiders program and in the public release ring, you will get this update through the Windows 10 update service.


This updates includes improvements and security fixes only. No new features were introduced. This post will give you a basic overview of the key changes.


A new cumulative update for #Windows 10 version 1511 is available (


Windows 10 updates are cumulative of all previous updates. Installing the latest one ensures all quality updates available for your version of Windows 10 are installed, including security fixes. Microsoft released a new build (10586.164) for general public, who have already installed the version 1511.


This build focuses mostly on new improvements and security fixes. According to Microsoft, a security issue has been identified by them, which could affect your system. You can help protect your system by installing this update from Microsoft. Here’s the complete listing of the issues that are included in this update:

    • 3142015 MS16-023: Cumulative Security Update for Internet Explorer
    • 3142019 MS16-024: Cumulative security update for Microsoft Edge
    • 3143148 MS16-026: Security update for graphic fonts to address remote code execution
    • 3143146 MS16-027: Security update for Windows media to address remote code execution
    • 3143081 MS16-028: Security update for Microsoft Windows PDF Library to address remote code execution
    • 3143136 MS16-030: Security update for Windows OLE to address remote code execution
    • 3143141 MS16-032: Security update for Secondary Logon to address elevation of privilege
    • 3143142 MS16-033: Security update for Windows USB mass storage class driver to address elevation of privilege
    • 3143145 MS16-034: Security update for Windows kernel-mode drivers to address elevation of privilege
    • 3141780 MS16-035: Security update for the .NET Framework to address security feature bypass


Update: Download ISO image of #Windows 10 Security Updates (March 2016)



If you have installed previous updates, only the new fixes that are contained in this package will be downloaded and installed to your computer. Here is the list of improvements and fixes available in this cumulative update:

    • Improved support for Bluetooth, wearables, and apps accessing contacts.

    • Improved reliability in app installation and Narrator.

    • Improved performance for hibernation, content entry in apps, and downloading and installing updates.

    • Fixed issue that didn't allow login to an Xbox from a PC running Windows 10.

    • Fixed security issue created when attempting to play corrupted content.

    • Fixed security issue that could allow remote code execution while viewing a PDF in Microsoft Edge.

    • Fixed additional issues with .NET Framework, Internet Explorer 11 and networking.

    • Fixed additional security issues with Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer 11, USB storage driver, kernel mode drivers, .NET Framework, graphic fonts, OLE, secondary logon, PDF library and Adobe Flash Player.


If you didn’t yet receive this update, checkout the Windows Update from the settings app. Please note that, after you install this update, you may have to restart your system. So, save your work before continuing.


A new cumulative update for #Windows 10 version 1511 is available - 08-March-2016 (


This update will be downloaded and installed automatically. But if you want to download the standalone package for this update, visit “Microsoft Update Catalog” using Internet Explorer. There are no prerequisites for installing this update. The package for the x86 version of this update is 327 MB and the package for the x64 version of this update is 573 MB.


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