Messaging app improvement in #Windows10Mobile - Swipe to delete

Microsoft released Windows 10 Mobile build 14327 to the Windows Insiders available in the fast ring. With this build, they introduced some changes/improvements for the insiders to test and provide feedback. Among those, one is the messaging app.


Now you will be able to easily delete the messages from the messaging app, just like what you are doing in Windows 10 PC build. Continue to read more about it.


Messaging app improvement in Windows 10 Mobile - Swipe to delete (

Previously to delete any SMS message we had to choose the delete option from the context menu, but in this build the delete functionality has been simplified just like the outlook app currently available. Now onwards we don't have to go for context menu. We can directly delete any message, by just swiping the selected message to left. Please refer to the below left screenshot.


The recently deleted message will not be permanently deleted immediately. As shown in the below right screenshot, the screen will give you an undo option also. In case you deleted the message by mistake, you will still have the few seconds to undone it.


Swipe left to delete (     Click undo to undone the delete operation (

Check out the new build, if you are a Windows Insider and currently in the Fast ring on Windows 10 Mobile. Let us know, how you feel with the new build. Don't forget to report any suggestion and/or issues to Microsoft via the feedback app. | Covering latest news, articles, Tips and Tricks on Linux platform

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