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Microsoft released a major PC build 14328 for fast ring Windows Insiders, whereas the Mobile build is just a minor update to build 14327. Though there are no new features/enhancements in this mobile build, but a ton of new features/enhancements available in PC build.


In this post, I am just listing out all the new changes and fixes in this PC build with a list of known issues. Before downloading the update, don’t forget to read the known issues.


Here’s the list of new changes & fixes in #Windows 10 PC Build 14328 (


What’s new in Windows 10 PC Build 14328?

Microsoft is preparing for the Windows 10 Anniversary update, which will be available in next few months. Before that, with Windows 10 PC build 14328, Microsoft rolled out a huge set of new features and changes for Windows Insiders to try out and report any issues or feedback. Here is the list of new changes that you will find in this PC build:

    • A new Windows Ink experience which will enable you to write on your device as you do on paper, creating sticky notes, drawing on a whiteboard, and easily sharing your analog thoughts in the digital world.
    • An updated Start experience which will improve efficiency and discoverability to find all of your apps.
    • Full-screen All Apps list in Start will bring the full screen experience to the apps listing, which was a top requested changes from the insiders.
    • Auto-hide taskbar in Tablet Mode will allow you to take full advantage of the screen for an immersive and distraction-free experience.
    • Cortana on your Lock screen will allow you to access Cortana directly from the lock screen.
    • More ways to create Cortana reminders with pictures and links.
    • Cortana Cross-Device features will keep you in perfect sync between all your devices where you use Cortana.
    • Cortana no longer requires any setup or Microsoft Account to sign-in now. You can directly start experiencing Cortana with this build.
    • Deeper file search which includes OneDrive results will help you to quickly search your files whether they are on your PC or your personal OneDrive in the cloud.
    • New entry point for Action Center on Taskbar to the far right corner of the screen will make it distinct among all other icons on taskbar.
    • Visual changes to Action Center including individual app notifications and grouping of all notifications of an app under the same category.
    • Insights from Cortana will be available now in Action Center and will ensure that you are not missing any important things like meeting.
    • Customize Quick Actions in Action Center will now help you to add, remove or rearrange the quick action buttons.
    • Wi-Fi Quick Action changes will now directly take you to “View available network” flyout instead of just turning ON/OFF the Wi-Fi network.
    • Taskbar clock now integrates with your calendar and includes your calendar entries and allows you to directly setup an event/meeting.
    • Taskbar clock is now visible on all monitors. It was a top requested feature by the users.
    • Taskbar Badging for UWP apps will now allow you to see the badges appearing on UWP apps on the taskbar in addition to their Live Tiles and in Action Center.
    • Taskbar settings have moved to the Settings app under the System > Taskbar path.
    • Manage multiple playback devices from the Taskbar will allow you to switch between multiple audio output devices.
    • Icons for individual settings pages will now available as we have seen this in recent build of Windows 10 Mobile.
    • Updated Pen settings page is available under Settings > Devices > Pen and will include the ability to adjust your pen shortcuts.
    • Improved app management will give you the ability to reset an app if it gets into a bad state and is available under Settings > Apps and features.
    • Windows Insider Program settings page has been moved to a new page. Windows Insiders app will not be require any more. You can adjust your ring settings directly from here.
    • Switch Virtual Desktops by swiping four fingers left or right on the trackpad.
    • Email address is now hidden on the Lock screen by default. If you would like your email address to show in the Lock screen, you can change this setting by going to Settings > Accounts > Sign-in options > Privacy.
    • Media control show on top of Lock screen, embedded at the bottom right corner along with a picture of the album art from the song currently playing.
    • Updated Credential and UAC Dialog UI to align with the design language in use across Windows 10. And now when prompted to enter credentials, you can choose to sign-in with Windows Hello, a PIN, certificates or a simple password.
    • Updated Skype UWP Preview app, you can now create and send group messages, as well as make group audio and video calls.
    • Updated File Explorer icon to align with the monochrome design language used for the icons across Windows 10.
    • File Explorer no longer pinned to Taskbar by default to see whether Insiders prefer it pinned, or would rather have the space for their own use and launch File Explorer when they need it from Start.
    • Japanese IME improvements to better suit the Japanese language.


What’s been fixed in Windows 10 PC Build 14328?

Microsoft has published the list of fixes available in Windows 10 PC build 14328 and here is that for your quick reference:

    • An issue causing the Visual Studio emulator for Windows 10 Mobile and Hololens to fail with “An authentication error has occurred. The Local Security Authority cannot be contacted”. Developers should be able to use the emulator on this build.
    • An issue causing the Xbox One Controller to lag and become hard to use when connected to your PC.
    • Fixed an issue where the two factor authentication dialog wasn’t formatted correctly after an error is received.
    • When you open a second app in tablet mode, it will appear side-by-side with the first app (split-screen). When you close one of these apps, it should become full screen.
    • Fixed an issue where default column widths for Task Manager were too narrow on high DPI devices.
    • Fixed an issue where restarting your PC might become stuck on “Restarting…” screen rather than prompting “Are you sure you want to Restart?” when unsaved work is present.
    • Updated the Shutdown Windows dialog to use a modern icon.
    • Fixed an issue where you couldn’t see the Chinese Input Method Editor candidate list while in full screen mode for games, as well as resolved an issue where using it in the Settings search box would cause Settings to crash.
    • Fixed an issue that might result in a notification that cannot be dismissed.
    • Fixed an issue resulting in overlapped icons and clipped text in File Explorer when display is using a very large font size.
    • Fixed an issue causing Quicken to not launch. However, you will need to uninstall and reinstall Quicken to get out of a bad state.

What are the known issues in Windows 10 PC Build 14328?

It’s a build directly published from development branch of Windows 10 and still available as insiders preview build. As it’s not yet a finished product, it still has some known issues which will be fixed in future builds. Checkout the known issues listed here before you start upgrading to this build. In case you are uncomfortable or if you think that the following issues can impact your work, we suggest you to switch to Slow Ring and wait until a stable release comes up in future.

    • After upgrading to this build, there may be some cases in which when your PC enters Connected Standby, it may have a bluescreen (bugcheck). For more information on how to mitigate this issue if this happens to you – see this forum post.
    • Microsoft is continuing to make changes to our extension datastore schema in Microsoft Edge. As a result, after updating to this build any extensions installed in Microsoft Edge will be removed. You can reinstall these extensions to get them back.
    • Feedback Hub is not localized and the UI will be in English (U.S.) only, even with language packs installed.
    • Feedback Hub takes about 20-30 minutes after updating to this build to download and hydrate itself. If Feedback Hub is not fully hydrated, if you receive a mini-survey notification it will take you nowhere in the app, search in Feedback Hub won’t show results, and if you click to go to Feedback Hub from another app or setting, Feedback will not open.
    • The Desktop App Converter Preview (Project Centennial) will fail to run on the Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 14328. If you are a developer utilizing the converter tool to convert your desktop app to UWP, we suggest skipping Build 14328 until Microsoft fixes this issue.
    • All Tencent online games no longer work in current builds from the Development Branch.
    • The updated UAC UI (mentioned above) breaks the ALT + Y keyboard shortcut to choose “yes”.
    • If you are in an app and click on a link with a URL longer than 260 characters, it will bring up the “Open with…” dialog instead of opening with your default browser.
    • We are aware of situations in which Groove Music will crash on launch at the splash screen and working to get a fix out soon. As a workaround, you can use Groove Music online.
    • Playing music in the Groove Music within 2 minutes after logging into your PC will result in 0xc10100ae playback errors. If you wait more than 2 minutes after logging in to play music in Groove Music you will avoid this issue.
    • In Microsoft Edge, some large downloads may appear to get stuck at 99% completion. You can work around this issue by renaming the file in your downloads after closing Microsoft Edge. This workaround skips security checks on the file, so it should be used only with files from a trusted source.
    • If you have BitLocker/Device Encryption enabled and try go back to a previous Insider Preview build via “Go back to an earlier build” under Settings > Update & security > Recovery – the app will crash and you will be unable to rollback. To work around this issue, disable BitLocker/Device Encryption and try again.
    • Settings will crash if you try to pin one of the pages to Start, resulting in page not being pinned
      You may see square boxes in certain apps when using some of the new emoji – we’re still getting things set up, this will be resolved in a future build.
    • If you upgraded from 14316, you may see stuck apps in the Store. Those apps will also be duplicated in Start’s all apps list (one real, one pending). To resolve this: 1) Start downloading some other app. 2) Pause the download, then go to the downloads and update view. 3) Click the “Resume All” button. Once everything has downloaded, the issue should be resolved.


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