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Everything in this world has an expiration, similar with Windows 10 Insiders Preview builds. Dona Sarkar, the chief of Windows 10 Insiders division in a blog post warned about it to the insiders running very old preview builds.


If you are running older builds, it’s time to upgrade to latest stable builds or to the latest insiders build in order to stop getting the expiration notifications and forced reboots.


An important update on Windows 10 Insiders Preview build expiration (


Starting from 15th September 2016, Microsoft will start pushing expiration notifications to Windows Insiders running very old preview builds. Initially, it will be once in a day but gradually this will change to most irritating job of rebooting your system. Here’s the points that you need to know if you are running very old builds:

    • Starting 15th September, you will see expiration notifications once in a day.
    • From 1st October, PCs running older builds will reboot every 3 hours.
    • From 15th October, PCs still running older builds will stop booting all together.

To keep you and your work safe from these problems, it’s time to upgrade your system. If your PC is running the Windows 10 Anniversary Update (Build 14393) in the Slow and Release Preview rings, you will not have to worry about. But for the PCs running older than the said builds should upgrade either to anniversary update or to latest insiders preview build 14926 released on 14th September. This new build will have an expiration date set to 1st May 2017.



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