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A new insiders preview build has been aired by Microsoft. If you are running 64-bit version of Windows 10 in fast ring, check for Windows Update to get the new build 15042. Dona Sarkar in her blog post mentioned that, 32-bit version of Windows won't get this update due to a major bug.


As Microsoft is heading towards the final release, the build contains a bunch of changes, improvements and fixes. Read the known issues for PCs before installing this build.


Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 15042 Released for PC (


Along with this build for PC, Microsoft also released Insider Build 15043 for Mobile.


List of changes, improvements and fixes in build 15042


    • Cortana got a new animation in OOBE.
    • Along with build 15002 Microsoft introduced 'Click to run Flash' in Microsoft Edge. In today's build, it got another update to prompt user to enable Flash if it is blocked. A puzzle icon will show up in the address bar with a prompt dialog to enable it.
    • When reading a locally saved EPUB book in Microsoft Edge on PC, a book icon will now be used.
    • If you change the read aloud settings while reading an EPUB, the settings will be preserved.
    • Fix has been provided to resolve the issue which was showing 'Initializing...' while attempting to download new builds.
    • The update download indicator will now be shown and won't stuck at 0%.
    • A fix has been made for the Settings app, which was causing a crash.
    • Fix has been provided for the issue which was causing 'Some Settings are managed by your organization' to display in the 'Update & Security' settings page.

For a complete list of fixes, checkout the original blog post, published by Dona Sarkar. There still exists a numerous known issues. Make sure to read them before installing the build.



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