There could be some situation when you tagged your code in local Git repository and pushed it to remote and later you decided to delete the tag. This is simple to delete the tag reference from local, but how to perform the same in remote?


Today we are going to see the bash command(s) by which you will be able to remove the tag information from Git. Let's see, how!


How to delete a tag from Git remote repository? (


Tag assigns a meaningful name with a specific version in the repository. Tags are very similar to branches, but the difference is that tags are immutable. You can create a tag on a commit by using the '$ git tag' command. Usually, developers create tags for product releases.


To delete a local tag, enter either of the following commands in Git Bash:

$ git tag --delete tagName

$ git tag -d tagName


To delete a remote tag, enter either of the following commands in Git Bash:

$ git push origin :tagName

$ git push --delete origin tagName


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