Windows 10 is leading as a Gaming Operating System

If you're passionate about PC gaming and being able to access and play a wide a range as possible then there are systems which you’ll inevitably encounter. The first of these is the operating system of Windows.


While this is not the only line of operating systems which can be used to play video games, they do by far offer the greatest choice in terms of compatibility, which is why they remain the primary choice among enthusiasts.


Windows 10 as a Gaming OS


The second system with which most users will become familiar is the online game store known as Steam. This online marketplace dominates the world of PC gaming. Among its many features are general statistics on what systems are popular, and recent statistics have shown a huge boost in the number of users on the Windows 10 operating system, at 51.2% penetration. Why is this, and does it signal the path of the future?


While there are many reasons as to why the latest offering from Microsoft is becoming the lingua franca of gamers, these can fundamentally boil down to a few key points. The first is that computers need replacing, and while hardcore users may choose to only upgrade components, many do not. Newer computers ship with the latest operating system, and it’s often that simple.


Second is the bonus of adaption and future proofing. The latest version of Windows always receives the most attention, and in this case, Microsoft is hard at work continually strengthening the foundation for both prior and future software.


This adaptability works not just in terms of systems like Steam either, as it covers a great deal of adaptability to web-based systems featuring Flash and HTLM5, such as the multitude of different online games at Kongregate or the many different gambling systems of games at online casino websites like Casino Euro, which offer a variety of games such as roulette, blackjack and themed slots.


Compatibility with modern game consoles, as is the case with the Xbox One and Windows 10


We also have, for the first time in modern history, a way for PCs to offer some direct backward - or rather a sideways - compatibility with modern game consoles, as is the case with the Xbox One and Windows 10. This is fairly unique and stands as yet another way which Microsoft uses to draw attention to Windows 10.


For other games which are multi-platform, and not just limited to the XBox, Windows is still the first choice, as enthusiasts can play it at high resolutions, better frame-rates, and with a variety of other systems and input options which consoles do not support.


Finally, we come to the aspect of future proofing and specific chipsets. Specifically, the Intel Kaby Lake sets, running their 7th generation i3, i5, and i7 processors, and AMD’s Zen based chips will only support Windows 10 of all the Windows systems. This means that players who are looking to update or upgrade have no other direction if they want the best of what PC gaming has to offer.


Players who are looking to update or upgrade have no other direction if they want the best of what PC gaming has to offer


Each new version of Microsoft's premier OS comes with teething problems, this is the case with every operating system. Since its release, Windows 10 has been making great strides to not only combat these opening issues but to offer an experience which is simply not possible on other systems. Gamers have been a driving force of technology for a long while now, and it is only natural that they would eventually make their way to the platform with the most to offer.