Windows 10 Notepad to get zooming, wrap-around, extended deletion and many new improvements

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After ages, Microsoft started thinking about their Windows Notepad users. In a latest insiders preview build, Microsoft added few new improvements to the lightweight Notepad app, which will start rolling out in next major update of Windows 10.


Continue reading to know the major improvements currently included in Windows Notepad app in latest insiders update.


Windows 10 Notepad to get zooming, wrap-around, extended deletion and many new improvements


Microsoft added text zooming support to Notepad. You can now press CTRL + Plus and CTRL + Minus to zoom-in and zoom-out respectively. You can also use the mouse wheel by pressing the CTRL key to perform the zooming. Alternatively, View | Zoom menu item can also be used. You can restore the zoom level to original state by pressing CTRL + 0 (zero).


Want to remove notepad contents word-by-word? Microsoft now added CTRL + Backspace and CTRL + Delete shortcut key combination to delete previous word and next word (from the current cursor position) respectively.


The new update brings the ability to do wrap-around find and replace. Anything that you have selected in notepad and then opened the find dialog, will be auto-populated in it. Notepad will now also remember the previously entered search phrase and the state of the checkboxes.


When word-wrap is enabled, it is now possible to see the line numbers and column numbers in the status bar of the notepad. Apart from these, performance improvement has been added to notepad. You can now open the large text files without any performance degrade.


If you are a Windows Insider in the Fast Ring and have already downloaded the latest preview build 17713, you can try out these new improvements in Windows Notepad. Though it's still not to the mark of other text editors like Notepad++, still it's good to see Microsoft working on this after ages.



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