Graphing capabilities coming soon to Windows calculator app, and Microsoft previewed it in Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 19546

Microsoft released Windows 10 insiders preview build 19546, where they have previewed new graphing capabilities in the Windows 10 calculator app. The Calculator app now includes a graphing mode, which may be generally available in the summer.


Apart from that, the build also includes a new Indexer Diagnostics app, which will help users to identify issues with the Windows Search indexer.


Microsoft previews new Graphing capabilities in Windows 10 calculator app


  • Microsoft released Windows 10 Insiders Preview Build 19546.
  • This build includes new graphing capabilities to the Calculator app.
  • The build also includes a new Indexer Diagnostics app.
  • Using the new Graphing mode, you can plot mathematics equation in the Calculator app.


According to Microsoft, one of the top feature requests in Feedback Hub was to include graphing feature. With the latest Windows 10 Insider Preview build 19546, the software giant introduces a Graphin Mode in Windows calculator app.


Graphing capabilities are essential for students who are beginning to explore linear algebra. This feature will empower students to learn mathematics by improving their conceptual understanding and attitudes towards math.


Microsoft previewed new Graphing capabilities in Windows 10 calculator app


You can try the following tasks with this feature:

  • You can enter multiple equations so that you can compare plots against each other and see interactions between the lines.
  • You can also customize the line style and graph viewing window to suit your needs.
  • If you enter an equation with a secondary variable, you'll be able to easily manipulate those variables so that you can quickly understand how changes to the equation affect the graph.
  • You can easily trace plots with your mouse or keyboard to better understand the relationship between variables in the equation on the graph.


If you are a Windows Insider, try out this feature. If you are a general user, either register as a Windows Insider and try the upcoming features OR wait till summer to try them out.