📢 Yammer integration comes to Microsoft Teams

Users and IT Admins can now integrate Yammer app "Communities" on the Microsoft Teams. Here's how to install and integrate Yammer on Teams. - Story published by Kunal Chowdhury on

Microsoft today announced that Microsoft Teams user can now integrate Yammer by installing the "Communities" app from the Teams App Store. This will give organizations to better connect with their people globally.


The Yammer Communities app is now available. To know more, and to install the Yammer on Microsoft Teams, continue reading further.


Yammer integration comes to Microsoft Teams


  • Microsoft announced integration of Yammer on Microsoft Teams.
  • You can now install the Yammer "Communities" app from Teams App Store.


Due to the COVID-19 (Corona Virus) case, most of the people worldwide working from home (WFH). To connect with the people across organization, most of them are currently using Microsoft Teams. According to Microsoft, more than 44 million people are now using the Microsoft Teams every day to get work done and to collaborate with people across the organization.


With the Yammer integration in Teams, leaders and communicators can share a poll or question, notify people about important news or announcements, discover valuable conversations, ask questions and get answers from the peers, arrange live events in Yammer to broadcast company-wide, and more under a single umbrella.


How to download and integrate Yammer on Microsoft Teams?

How to download and integrate Yammer on Microsoft Teams?

Starting today, 20th April 2020, IT admins and users can download an app called "Communities" from the Teams App Store which will integrate Yammer on Teams. Then, it can be pinned to the Teams app bar on the left. IT Admins can choose to deploy and pin the app for all users or particular departments through custom policies. The individual users can install and pin the app themselves using the options in the app bar.


A point to note that, it can be installed on both desktop and web versions of Teams. The mobile version soon to arrive in future, Microsoft announced.



Story published by Kunal Chowdhury on
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