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During the Microsoft //BUILD/2020 developer conference, Microsoft announced some new features to its chromium-powered Edge browser. The company also confirmed its plan to roll out the Microsoft Edge browser globally.


If you want to know about the new features coming soon to the Microsoft Edge browser, continue reading this post.



Microsoft Edge to include Pinterest integration in Collections, Sidebar search, new work related search page, and more...


Though the Microsoft Edge was announced back in January 2020 to have a rollout to all supported devices in a phased manner, it was lacked behind. But users were allowed to manually download and install the stable Edge build.

As mentioned in January, we plan to upgrade all Windows 10 devices (excluding enterprise and education) to the new Microsoft Edge. Users will be able to experience all the features above when it’s delivered via a measured roll-out that you’ll see ramping up over the course of the next few weeks.


If you can't wait and want to try it now, you can download the offline installer of the new Microsoft Edge build. The latest stable build version 81.0.416.77 of Microsoft Edge is now available for offline installation.


Pinterest integration comes to Collections

Collections feature in Microsoft Edge can now collaborate with Pinterest to help you discover relevant content for your research or project. The new integration with Pinterest will help you find ideas to spark inspiration, save time, and be more productive by suggesting content related to what you have already collected.


When you enable the feature, you will see Pinterest suggestions at the bottom of your collection. Clicking on a suggestion will open a board of similar, trending Pins so you can quickly find and add ideas relevant to you.


Collections will also be rolling out the ability to send to OneNote, in addition to the options to send to Excel and Word which are available today.


Currently, you have the option to look up words or phrases by searching in a new tab which distracts the content that you are reading. Sidebar search aims to improve this experience by giving you the option to see results in a pane on the side of the page. Simply highlight a word or phrase, right-click, and select "search in sidebar" from the context menu.


This feature is expected to release in Microsoft Edge insider channels in the coming weeks. You need to be an Edge Insider to try out this feature before it comes to general availability.


More power and additional features for IT professionals

If you are a corporate user, the new Microsoft Edge will give you more power and additional features. If you use multiple devices while working from home, you can now sync installed extensions in Microsoft Edge.


As many IT Professionals now work from home, due to the COVID19 pandemic, the data security in Microsoft Edge now gets a boost with Windows Information Protection. It now separates personal and corporate data, adds extra protection for line-of-business apps, and provides audit reporting for compliance.


Bing is bringing the life-changing capability of search to the workplace. A comprehensive Work page will now be part of Bing’s search results pages for all Microsoft 365 customers. When signed-in to Bing with your work credentials, this page will appear right next to other familiar pages such as Images, Shopping, and News.



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