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Windows File Recovery is a new command-line application from Microsoft, that helps you to recover files that you lost from your local storage and can't be restored from the Recycle Bin. It includes internal drives, external drives, and USB devices.


If you are looking for such a tool that can help you to recover lost files on Windows 10, here's how you can download the Windows File Recovery tool.


Windows File Recovery is a new command line tool from Microsoft to recover lost files on Windows 10


  • Windows File Recovery app can be installed from Microsoft Store on a device with Windows 10 build 19041 and above.
  • It supports NTFS, FAT, exFAT, and ReFS file systems and can recover files from HDD, SSD, USB, and memory cards.
  • Using the Windows File Recovery app you can recover JPEG, PDF, PNG, MPEG, Office files, MP3, MP4, ZIP files, and more.


Microsoft released a file recovery tool to the Microsoft Store that you will find handy if you have accidentally deleted an important file from your local storage including internal/external devices. But, file recovery from cloud storage and network file shares is not supported at this moment.


With the Windows File Recovery tool, you can recover photos, documents, videos, and more, even if you formatted your hard drive. It supports different file systems like NTFS, FAT, exFAT, and ReFS. If you have Windows 10 build 19041 or later, you can install this tool now from the Microsoft Store.


Depending on the size of the disk, it may take some time to recover the file, especially if you are using signature mode. If you used default or segment mode, try again in signature mode if the file type is supported.



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