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Smart Save Reminders is a new feature added to Microsoft Word application, that will remind you to save your new unsaved documents to avoid losing the work. This feature uses machine learning to determine when to remind you to save your documents.


Microsoft 365 subscribers already have an AutoSave feature for office apps, but for the other users, it's going to be a good alternative to get a reminder to save the work.


Microsoft Office for Windows will soon show smart save reminders (now available in Beta) for unsaved documents


Do you often forget to save your files, resulting in loss of content at unavoidable circumstances? Then there's good news for you.


Microsoft released a new AI-based feature (Smart Save Reminders) that will remind you to save your unsaved documents. According to Microsoft, it uses machine learning to determine when to remind you to save your documents.


Using various attributes, such as how much time you have spent working on the file or how much content you have added to it, the Microsoft Word will remind you to save the file. These reminders will help you in reducing the risk of losing your content if you haven't saved the file already.


The feature is currently available in Microsoft Word for Office Insiders in the Beta Channel, who are running Microsoft Office version 2006 build 13001.10000 or later.



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