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Two weeks ago Microsoft announced some changes in the Windows Insiders Program and informed that they are transitioning and converting the current Windows Insiders ring model, based on the frequency of builds, to a new channel model.


Now, those changes went live and Microsoft replaced the Fast, Slow, and Release Preview rings with Dev, Beta, and Release Preview channels.



Windows Insiders channels are now live! Check your program settings on Windows Update!


  • Microsoft's new channel model for Windows Insiders is now live.
  • Windows Insiders will automatically see their program settings moved to the corresponding Dev, Beta, or Release Preview channel.
  • The new insider channels will get frequent builds and updates.


What are the new channels in the Windows Insiders program?

The Dev Channel is ideal for highly technical users. Insiders in the Dev Channel will receive builds that are earliest in a development cycle and will contain the latest work-in-progress code. These builds will have rough edges and some instability that could block key activities or require workarounds.


The Beta Channel is ideal for early adopters. Insiders and IT Professionals in the Beta Channel can check out upcoming Windows 10 features, while still getting relatively reliable updates that are validated by Microsoft. As a part of the Beta Channel, Insiders will see builds that will be tied to a specific upcoming release, like 20H1 previously.


The Release Preview Channel is for insiders and IT Professionals who will have access to the upcoming release of Windows 10 prior to it being released to the world. These builds are supported by Microsoft.


How to check and adjust the Windows Insiders channel?

If you are a Windows Insider, basically you don't need to do anything to switch to the new Channel model. Microsoft has already adjusted that for you based on your existing ring participation.


You can check your current settings by navigating to Windows 10 Settings | Update & Security | Windows Insider Program. If you want to change the channel, you have the following three new channels as shown in the screenshot:


How to check and adjust the Windows Insiders channel?


Select the one that is ideal for you. If you are a corporate user, it's better to stay in the Release Preview channel. If you are a technical user and would like to access the latest developments on Windows 10, switch to the Dev channel. For all other cases, it's recommended that you stay in the Beta channel.



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