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Microsoft announces the general availability of the WebView2 control that enables you to embed web technologies in your native web applications. The control is based on the new Chromium-based Microsoft Edge web browser and is a successor to the old EdgeHTML based WebView.


Along with this announcement, Microsoft now officially released a forward-compatible WebView2 SDK and a production-ready WebView2 Runtime. For details, continue reading further.


Microsoft Edge WebView2 for Win32 C/C++ is now generally available


Microsoft Edge (Chromium) WebView2 control enables you to embed HTML, CSS, and JavaScript in your native Win32 C/C++ applications. With the latest browser rendering engine, it can display the web content in the applications.


As a Windows app developer, you will now have access to the latest web technologies in both existing and new applications. Though it is currently available for Win32 C/C++ applications, you have to wait for the general availability of support for .NET Framework 4.6.2 or later, .NET Core 3.0 or later, and WinUI 3.0.


You can now go ahead and download WebView2 SDK from NuGet Store and WebView2 Runtime from Microsoft site.


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