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Microsoft released a new version of PowerToys, giving more focus to stability, localization, and quality of life improvements for both the development team and the end-users. The latest PowerToys version 0.25 adds a long list of fixes and stability improvements to all users.


Though the new version still doesn't include the long-awaited Video Conferencing utility, Microsoft states that it is just a week's time to ship it to the end-users as the team is currently doing last-minute development works.


PowerToys 0.25 comes with many fixes, Video Conferencing utility coming by next week


PowerToys version 0.25 marks the completion of the first pass of localization. The company says that it has added 17 different languages to the product.


Along with this, they have added additional color style selections, better zone drawing improvements, the ability to disable keys/shortcuts directly, improvements to the calculator plugin, better action keys support, and more.


For a complete set of fixes in PowerToys 0.25, check out the original release notes hosted on GitHub.


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