Nowadays, the Microsoft Edge (Chromium) browser is becoming one of the most popular web browsers on Windows, macOS, Linux, and Android. The latest version of Microsoft Edge now allows you to quickly navigate to the recently viewed web page from the browser toolbar.


As the history button is by default hidden in the Microsoft Edge browser toolbar, you can quickly enable it by following the steps mentioned below.



How to show or hide the History button in Microsoft Edge?


How to show the History button in the Microsoft Edge toolbar?

  1. Open the Microsoft Edge settings by pressing the ALT + F, S keyboard shortcut.
  2. Now navigate to the Appearance page.
  3. Turn ON the toggle that says "Show history button" to show the history button on the Microsoft Edge toolbar.


How to show or hide the History button in Microsoft Edge?


Once the history button is enabled in the toolbar of Microsoft Edge, you can easily navigate to the webpages that you recently visited or closed on your device. If you have multiple connected devices, it will also list the history page from all those connected devices.


In case you want to hide the history icon from the Microsoft Edge toolbar, follow the same steps mentioned above and turn OFF the toggle to hide it. Alternatively, you can right-click on the history icon on the toolbar and select "Hide from toolbar".


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