Whether it is about pitching business ideas or launching new products, PowerPoint presentations remain at the forefront for businesses worldwide. Effective slide decks with attractive graphics and a schematic flow hold the potential to reinforce your organization’s branding strategy.


But crafting a perfect presentation can prove to be a tricky process if you do not pre-visualize its structure. That is where storyboarding your presentation comes in. Storyboarding your presentation allows you to frame a strong storyline and narrate a compelling argument.



PowerPoint as a powerful tool to share Storyboard ideas


What is a storyboard?

A storyboard refers to the graphic blueprint of your slides. It provides you with a space to outline the structure of your slides in the presentation. Storyboarding your ideas help you to visualize the flow and arrange your slides. It generally involves a set of sketches to pre-visualize the unfolding of your story.


All you have to do is prepare an overview of the slides that you are going to construct. With a combination of stunning visuals and text, storyboarding your ideas gets your creativity brimming. You can leverage an appealing storyboard template from sites like SlideModel to build your ideal storyboard.



PowerPoint offers a 'Storyboard' feature that facilitates your task of constructing your storyboards. All you have to do is install Visual Studio, and your Storyboarding tab will appear in PowerPoint. But, why choose to storyboard when you can design the presentation directly? Here is why:

  • Give you a brief essence of your presentation
  • Saves your time
  • Assists you to focus on vital points
  • Provides a coherent structure
  • Decides the flow of your slide


The article below will further enlighten you on how PowerPoint is a formidable tool to bring your storyboard ideas to life. Let us get started.


Displays your Core Ideas

Presentation designing is an art. Without a direction, your slides tend to go haywire and appear disorganized. The storyboard is just the feature that you need to align your slides in perfect harmony. It helps you to list the core ideas of the promotional strategy of your brand.



Storyboarding is especially helpful for brands while launching or promoting their products. Create splendid slides on your storyboard and bestow them with a narrative. A product launch with a convincing narration is a game-changer to attract the top clients.


Hosts Diverse Shapes

The Storyboard Shapes icon on the Storyboard ribbon in PowerPoint showcases a diverse set of shapes to create your perfect slide mock-up. These shapes encompass distinct banners, annotations, sticky notes, and frames. Choose from a variety of icons, charts, maps, and markers to draw out your storyboard.


Buttons, checkboxes, cursors, progress bars, text sections, and lists are the most commonly used shapes for storyboarding. Many of the shapes that the Storyboarding tab incorporates have transitions and animations already added to them.


Grants Visual Appeal

A storyboard for product design can work wonders for you to visualize your actual presentation. Writing your presentation ideas on a mere paper will not do justice to the brilliant slides you are going to create later. List your product design ideas step-by-step in PowerPoint to get an aesthetic visual appeal.



Add section header, taglines, and bullets to visualize the strengths and challenges that your product might face. Vibrant color-schemes and high-quality images of your product will further complement your storyboard with a visual boost.


Easy Customization

Customizing slides becomes automatically easy in PowerPoint's storyboard. Jot down your presentation ideas in the storyboard. Now, you can easily take a step back step back to see the flow of your storyline. You can rearrange the slides as per your priority and convenience.


You can choose to remove the slide ideas that seem less imperative to you and add new ones if you like. Customize the shapes, colors, typography, and much more from the 'Format Tab' to modify it as required.


Provides a Structured Narrative

If you had to start formulating your slides directly in PowerPoint, you might probably end up with a run-of-the-mill slide deck stuffed with irrelevant information. Hence, your presentation slideshow will lack the storyline, the punch, and the pitch that it deserved.



Visually storyboarding the entire presentation in PowerPoint displays the slide deck as a whole. It aids you to arrange your slides in a systematic narrative. This structured design renders the task of picking out crucial topics for your slides easy as well.


Save and Reuse Shapes Anytime

Once your storyboarding shapes are formed, it offers you to save them as new shapes. You simply have to select all your added them and click the button Add to My Shapes. It will instantly add your shapes in your 'Storyboard Shapes' library that you can use again whenever you need them.


Furthermore, it becomes seamless to modify your shapes again. For example, to add a new object or alter its color, all you have to do is select the option Update My Shape. It will display the affected changes instantly.


Beneficial for Easy Collaboration

This feature works best with the Visual Studio Team Services. The Storyboarding feature in PowerPoint permits you to collaborate with your team effortlessly. Choose the option 'Storyboard Links' that will impart you the option of linking your storyboard slides with other various work items.



Ensure to connect yourself with the TFS server to link your slide deck to a particular work item. Remember to save your storyboard in an accessible and public location like a cloud-based platform to render it accessible for your co-workers. Share your presentation ideas in real-time and gain meaningful insights.


Since the ancient era, stories have set the example of imparting knowledge in a creative style. A virtual storyboard enhances your slide ideas with more clarity. It provides a fantastic blueprint to build your one-of-a-kind presentation deck. Leverage the Storyboard tool of PowerPoint to weave your brilliant slide ideas.


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