It is important to note that marketing as a whole did not just begin, neither did it begin with video production. However, it is safe to assume that every marketer becomes satisfied when they reach a win-win stage between them and their customer. That is, in terms of budget, timeline, and the satisfaction derived from products used.


In addition to this, owing to the fact that uniqueness and originality are key factors to being outstanding amongst other marketers, animated video marketing thrives and should be considered as it waters the ground for these traits. It also has an edge over the setbacks one could encounter while working with live videos.



Do I really need an Animated Video to market my Products and Services


Advantages of adopting an animated video marketing strategy

Contrary to the features of a live video, an animated video gives room to create, input and link all of its processes. This makes animated videos easier for the targeted audience to understand as some services are better illustrated through them. You are sure to get a standard animated video as seen in their showreel. You could watch a short clip as showcased on their website before digging further into their YouTube and video channels.


Furthermore, oftentimes, complex ideas are better explained in animated videos. For example, cryptocurrency finances, bank deposits, and operations would be easily communicated to your audience as opposed to living video. Here, ideas are interwoven with colorful illustrations, characters, and images to pass across your desired message.


It is easy to spot the differences between a good video and a poor video. While the former is sleek and nice, carries good content, effective music coupled with a nice voice over and sound effects that make the storyline and narrative more interesting, well-placed animation and transition that are barely noticeable, the latter usually have badly drawn graphics, awkward characters, poor sound and voiceover, weird transitions, and limited movement.


In most cases, clients tend to go after a pinpointed and straightforward tutorial video rather than flashy animated videos.



The beautiful thing about animated videos is that you can invent whatever you want. For example, trying to explain a new service or an abstract work with little or no established visual or verbal vocabulary could be tasking. But an animation video company makes it easier for you to express your ideas without flaws.


Another advantage is the fact that you save yourself the mental and financial stress of hiring actors or securing a set location or locations and renting props and video equipment. Yet, you are sure to get the good ROI that video marketing is known for.


Have in mind that you do not need to go bankrupt to make a video because there are in fact, different ranges of videos to meet your budget. You most likely will not need a premium 3D video, hence, you can opt for a 2D animation, simple whiteboard-style drawings, or kinetic typography. First, take the step of knowing your audience and how you think you can best connect with them. Every other thing would click in place.


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