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WinUI is the native UI platform for Windows 10 and is currently under active development by the Windows developer platform team. The library provides a number of benefits which makes it the best way to create user interfaces for Windows apps.


Microsoft now releases a new preview build of the Windows UI (WinUI) Library. The latest WinUI 3 Preview 4 is a stability preview release that comes with new capabilities, general improvements, and critical bug fixes.



Microsoft releases Windows UI (WinUI) Library 3 Preview 4


New capabilities introduced in WinUI 3 Preview 4

  • Parity with WinUI 2.5 (includes InfoBar control, new features in ProgressRing and NavigationView, and bug fixes).
  • Custom titlebar capabilities: new Window.ExtendsContentIntoTitleBar and Window.SetTitleBar APIs that allow developers to create custom title bars in Desktop apps.
  • VirtualSurfaceImageSource support.


List of bug fixes in WinUI 3 Preview 4

  • Crash when binding to a URI property using {Binding}.
  • C#/WinRT Marshal functions not interoperating correctly with .NET 5.
  • WinUI 3 crash when running on Windows Insider Builds.
  • WebView2 doesn't apply host app's Language/locale to CoreWebView2Environment.
  • Windows Community Toolkit DataGrid control crashes app on start/when scrollbars appear.
  • Page rendering gets into a bad state when display mode changes.
  • Crash when using Language ComboBox in CalendarView.
  • WinUI 3 Desktop: Can't tab out of WebView2.
  • WinUI 3 Desktop: TreeView with derived TreeViewNodes crashes.
  • WinUI 3 Desktop: Unable to Enter Text into TextBox inside ContentDialog.
  • WinUI 3 Desktop: ALT and F6 don't work.
  • Old removed SwapChainPanel renders on top of new SwapChain.
  • WinUI 3 Desktop: Cannot scroll with trackpad.
  • Crash when using NavigationView control with multiple windows on the same thread.
  • Accessibility Issue: Show focus rect on WinUI desktop app launch.
  • Access violation while scrolling in DataGrid.
  • WinUI 3 Desktop: Tab cycling does not work.
  • Drag and Drop on GridView fails in desktop application with WinUI Xaml Islands.
  • Accessibility issue: Unable to scroll with PageUp/PageDown keys on WinUI 3 Desktop.
  • WebView2 has wrong viewport size.
  • WebView2 crash on click after opening MenuFlyout.
  • WinUI 3 Desktop: Attempting to bring down DropDownButton or SplitButton's flyout causes app crash.
  • WebView2: Double right click on mouse causes a crash.
  • Clicking on a ToggleSplitButton causes the application to crash.
  • WinUI 3 Desktop: Empty DesktopWindowXamlSource window visible on task bar.
  • WinUI 3 Desktop: DataGrid not displaying.
  • WinUI 3 Desktop: Unable to drop files onto Grid.
  • WinUI 3 Desktop: ItemsRepeater crash in WinUI 3 Preview 2.
  • AccessViolationException thrown when updating bindings.
  • WinUI 3 Desktop: app crashes on scroll NavigationView.
  • ItemsControl does not get updated while dynamically adding or removing items in its ItemsSource collection.
  • Compile error C2760 in App.xaml.g.h if C++ Conformance Mode enabled.




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