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Recently, the security agencies have seen an increase in attacks against on-premise Microsoft Exchange servers. These attacks were made in email servers often used by small and medium-sized businesses. Due to these reasons, Microsoft thought of simple, easy-to-use, automated solutions to provide out-of-support versions of on-premise Microsoft Exchange servers.


With this in mind, Microsoft recently released a new one-click Mitigation Tool for the customers who are using on-premise Microsoft Exchange servers. This will help the customers who are unfamiliar with the patch/update process.


Microsoft releases one-click mitigation tool for Microsoft Exchange customers


Microsoft Exchange On-Premises Mitigation Tool to help customers who do not have dedicated security or IT teams to apply these security updates, Microsoft said in the announcement. Microsoft also said that the company has already tested this tool across Microsoft Exchange Server 2013, 2016, and 2019 deployments. It will help customers who are unfamiliar with the patch/update process or who have not yet applied the on-premises Exchange security update.


The customers who didn't yet apply the on-premises Exchange security update are requested to download the one-click mitigation tool from here.


Once downloaded, run it immediately on your Exchange Server. Then follow the on-screen guidance to ensure that your Exchange Server is protected from any vulnerabilities. If you are already using the Microsoft Safety Scanner, it is still live and Microsoft recommends keeping it running to help with additional mitigations.


Please note that this tool can only be used as temporary mitigation until your Exchange servers can be fully updated. Microsoft recommends that this script over the previous ExchangeMitigations.ps1 script as it tuned based on the latest threat intelligence.


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