Microsoft recently published an updated roadmap for the PDF Reader experience in Microsoft Edge (Chromium) browser. The new update to the PDF Reader experience will offer better compatibility, reliability, and security improvements for you and your organization.


The company said that the most requested features are now available across Windows, Mac, and Linux users. Continue reading further to know more about the improvements coming on the way to PDF Reader in Microsoft Edge.


Microsoft outlines what's next to PDF Reader in Microsoft Edge


When it comes to reading and navigation, Microsoft Edge's PDF Reader experience now supports Table of Contents (ToC), view the PDF file in a book format (Page view), navigate through your PDF files using caret mode (F7), keyboard accessibility mode, screen reader feature, and basic PDF forms filling directly in the browser.


With the annotation tools, you can now ink in a variety of colors and stroke width of your choice. You can quickly add text notes, and draw attention to parts of the PDF documents by highlighting the selected text. The in-context annotations in PDF Reader now enable you to perform quick actions as a highlight, copy the content without losing the context.


For the enterprise and educational users, Microsoft Edge now supports the Read Aloud feature on PDF documents, perform dictionary and search through the in-context menu, open the PDF documents protected by Microsoft Information Protection (MIP) and Information Rights Management (IRM), ensuring that the users having certain permissions can view, copy, and annotate the document.


Apart from these, there are some more features that are on the way. The features include re-opening PDF files from the previous session, view the MIP files protected in other organizations, view and validate certificates based on Digital Signature.


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