Microsoft releases a new Windows 10 Preview Build 21332 (RS_PRERELEASE) to the Windows Insiders who are in the Dev Channel. If you are performing a clean install, you will be surprised to see that it no longer bundles the 3D Viewer and Paint 3D apps with Windows.


Along with this change, the latest insiders build also adds few improvements and a list of fixes to Windows 10. For a detailed list of fixes and to learn about the new changes, continue reading further.


With the Windows 10 build 21332, Microsoft removes 3D Viewer and Paint 3D on clean installs


The last few insider-preview builds of Windows 10 were mostly focused on several variations of the News and Interests experience on the Windows Taskbar. Based on feedback, Microsoft now made the news and interest flyout experience to show two columns layout. The company also added several improvements to the flyout experience that caused it to reset the rollout of the news and interests feature in the Dev Channel.


If you already have the News and Interests flyout running on your Windows 10 preview build, the latest insider build 21332 will make it go away from the taskbar. Microsoft said that they will soon make it available to everyone in the Dev Channel.


The new Windows 10 Insiders Preview Build 21332 now adds a new option to paste as plain text from the Clipboard history (Win + V), which was earlier rolled out to a limited set of Windows Insiders.



With the latest build, Microsoft removes the 3D Viewer and the Paint 3D apps. If you perform a clean installation, you won't see these apps preinstalled anymore. But, you can go to the Store and install these apps. If you are upgrading to this build from the previous installation, there won't be any changes to the previously installed apps.


Microsoft now enabled the theme-aware splash screens for all Windows Insiders running the latest Dev Channel build. Due to very low usage, Microsoft removed the Math Input Panel (MIP) in this build. However, you can find it listed as "Optional Features" on the "Apps & features" settings page.


Apart from these, Microsoft also added a long list of fixes in the Windows Insiders Preview Build 21332. Check out the original release notes to find the list of fixes and known issues.


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