Microsoft announces a brand new feature called "News and Interests" for Windows 10. The feature is now rolling out with Windows 10 Preview Build 21286. If you are a Windows Insider, and in the Dev Channel, you can upgrade your system to this build to have an early preview of the updated Taskbar.


As the feature is part of the Windows Shell Experience, you will have to restart the system after the update for the changes to take effect. To know more about the feature, continue reading next.


Windows 10 Taskbar is getting a new personalized feature called 'News and Interests'


Microsoft is continuously giving its effort to improve the user experience of Windows 10. As part of this, the Windows Shell Experience team came with a big update for the Windows 10 Task Bar. As part of this update, the company is now giving you quick access to an integrated feed of dynamic content. The content may include news and weather updates that change throughout the day.


You can personalize the feed with the relevant content that you want to see. Just click on an icon, you can peek your feed directly from the taskbar without switching between any of your applications.

  • Staying up to date: Quickly glance at your news and interests directly from the taskbar. Get caught up on the latest headlines, weather, sports, and more, then go back to whatever you were doing without disrupting your workflow. You have convenient access to news and interesting content from over 4,500 global brands such as The New York Times, BBC or The Verge, and gorgeous live weather maps. Select an article to open a streamlined reading view with fewer distractions, so you can save time and stay focused.
  • Personalize your feed: You can tell us which content you like seeing or don't like seeing (select More options ... and choose "More stories like this" or "Fewer stories like this") and over time, more stories about the things you care about will show up in your feed, including ones you might otherwise miss. You can also use emoji to react to stories, too.
  • You're in control: At Microsoft, we believe privacy starts with putting you in control and giving you the tools and information, you need to make informed choices. Through news and interests, there is quick access to the Microsoft Privacy Dashboard. Through the Microsoft Edge browser, there are built-in controls to limit tracking from advertisers and third parties. And if news and interests doesn't appeal to you, you can easily turn it off by right-clicking on the taskbar.

Windows 10 Taskbar is getting a new personalized feature called 'News and Interests'


The new news and interests feed feature for Windows 10 Taskbar are currently rolling out with the Windows 10 Insiders Preview Build 21286 in the Dev Channel. The Windows Insiders in the United States, Canada, Great Britain, Australia, and India will be able to experience this feature at this moment.


This feature is currently only available to Windows Insiders in United States, Canada, Great Britain, Australia, and India. This feature also requires the new Chromium-based Microsoft Edge browser to be installed on your PC., Microsoft said in the official release notes.


It is also worth noting that similar to the Windows 10 Meet Now experience, you cannot uninstall or disable this feature as it is more aligned with the Windows Shell.


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