📢 Latest Office Insiders Beta build 14002.20000 adds two new features to Microsoft Office

Microsoft releases a new Office Build 14002.20000 to the Office Insiders who are in the Windows Beta channel. This build adds two new features. - Story published by Kunal Chowdhury on , and was last updated on 2021-04-10T12:00:00Z.

Latest Office Insiders Beta build 14002.20000 adds two new features to Microsoft Office
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Just like all other Fridays, Microsoft released a new Office build 14002.20000 this week. The build is now rolling out to the Office Insiders who have registered under the Windows Beta Channel (formerly known as "Fast Ring") and using the Microsoft Office version 2105.


Though the new build doesn't contain many new features and fixes, it is worth noting two new features for Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel which will now make your life easier.


You can now review spelling, grammar and other intelligent writing suggestions for just the selected text in Microsoft Word


What's new in Microsoft Office Build 14002.20000

Last week Microsoft released the Office Build 13926.20000, which adds an improvement to the shared calendar feature on Office 365 using the REST API call. In this week's new update build 14002.20000, the company adds two new features for Word and Excel.


The first feature is for Microsoft Word which adds proofing for selected text within the document. You can now select any text and review spelling, grammar, and other intelligent writing suggestions. Additionally, you can also review suggestions for the whole document.


The second feature is for Microsoft Excel users that adds accessibility ribbon to the application. Using this, you can now find all of the tools you need to create accessible content in one place.