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Microsoft releases a new Office build to the Office Insiders in the Windows (Beta) channel. With the latest office build 13926.20000, Microsoft adds an improvement to the shared calendar feature on Office 365 using the REST API call.


Along with this build, Microsoft also fixed a couple of bugs in Microsoft Word and Microsoft Access. If you are an Office Insider in the Beta channel, you would like to upgrade to this build. You can find the complete changelog below.


Latest Office for Windows (beta) update 13926.20000 adds improvements to shared calendars


Office Insiders (Windows Beta) Build 13926.20000 Changelog


Turn on shared calendar improvements

For shared calendars in Office 365, Outlook can update these calendars using the REST API. Turn on the preview for faster and more reliable updates to shared calendars.


Notable fixes

  • We fixed an issue that prevented specific policies from being honored.
  • We fixed an issue in auto save.
  • We made a fix in Application.OnTime where it might not trigger correctly.


Notable fixes

We fixed an issue when an external application requests an accessibility interface, it will prevent us from shutting down until they release their reference.


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