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Microsoft announces the next major release of Visual Studio IDE (Visual Studio 2022) and said that it will be available as a 64-bit application. That means that the next version of Visual Studio will no longer be limited to ~4GB of memory in the main devenv.exe process, and allow you to build the most complex solutions without running out of memory.


It will have a refreshed set of icons, more personalization options, and support to provide you more control over building modern applications. Continue reading to know more about Visual Studio 2022, its release schedule, and the first public preview build.



Microsoft announces Visual Studio 2022


What's new coming with Visual Studio 2022

Microsoft announces some details about the next major release of Visual Studio. The company said that the next major release will be named Visual Studio 2022, and will be available as a 64-bit application. Though Visual Studio is going to be 64-bit, Microsoft said that it won't change the types or bitness of the applications you build with Visual Studio. Visual Studio 2022 will still continue to be a great tool for building 32-bit applications.


With the release of Visual Studio 2022, Microsoft is refreshing the user interface to better keep you in your flow. Microsoft said that it will include updated icons for better clarity, legibility, and contrast. It will also use a new fixed-width font (Cascadia Code) for better readability and ligature support


New IDE means new personalization settings. Visual Studio 2022 will provide you more abilities to customize aspects of the IDE to sync the settings across devices. If you are using multiple dev boxes, you will be beneficial from that.


Visual Studio 2022 will have full support for .NET 6. So, you can build multi-platform apps (Windows, Android, macOS, and iOS) using the .NET Multi-platform App UI (.NET MAUI).


Visual Studio 2022 will have full support for .NET 6 and its unified framework for web, client, and mobile apps for both Windows and Mac developers


It will also help you to quickly build modern, cloud-based applications with Azure. Apart from these, Visual Studio 2022 will also include performance improvements while running diagnostics and debuggers. It will make a good real-time collaboration using the Live Share. If you are using Git or GitHub, Visual Studio 2022 will have the full support and improved code search.



Microsoft Visual Studio 2022 Release Date

In the announcement post, Microsoft didn't talk about the final release date of Visual Studio 2022. We will update this post once there are any communications related to that. Stay tuned here for more updates on Visual Studio 2022.


Once Microsoft launches Visual Studio 2022, you can follow this link to download the Visual Studio 2022.


Microsoft Visual Studio 2022 Public Preview Build

Looking for the developer preview build of Visual Studio 2022? Though Microsoft didn't talk about Visual Studio 2022 Release Date, the company said that they are planning to release the first preview build of Visual Studio 2022 this summer. After that, you can download and install Visual Studio 2022 Preview Build and start building/testing your applications with that.



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