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Link to Highlight Text is a new feature that Google is adding to its popular Chrome browser. It will help you to easily copy a portion of a page and share it as a link. The other person clicking the link will see the exact section that you wanted him to see. Thus, it will make it easier to get the attention of that person to that selected text.


The feature is currently rolling out to Google Chrome browser on desktop and Android devices. Google said that it will soon roll out to iOS users. To learn more about the feature, continue reading further.


Google Chrome gets 'Link to Highlight' feature, and you would really love it


The Link to Highlight feature will help you to easily highlight a section of a page and generate a link for sharing with your coworkers. The other person coming to that page through your link will see the exact highlighted section that you want him to see.


To generate and copy the link, open a webpage on your Google Chrome browser. Select a few lines on that page, and right-click on it. From the context menu, select "Copy link to highlight". This will create a link to this section and copy it to your clipboard which you can share with the person who needs special attention.


How to highlight a text and copy the link in Google Chrome


Once you open the link in a browser, it will automatically scroll down to that section and highlight the text that you have selected.


Highlighted text in Google Chrome


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