📢 Microsoft Edge’s new Efficiency Mode is designed to minimize power usage

Microsoft is rolling out Chromium Edge build 93.0.930.0 to Edge Insiders in Canary Channel with a new 'Efficiency Mode' feature. - Story published by Kunal Chowdhury on .

Microsoft is rolling out a new Microsoft Edge build to the Edge Insiders in the Canary Channel. The latest build introduces Efficiency Mode to Microsoft Edge that has been designed to extend the battery life of your system by reducing resource usage.


When your laptop enters its battery saver mode, efficiency mode becomes active. To know more about this feature, and learn how to enable or disable the Efficiency Mode in Microsoft Edge, continue reading further.



Microsoft Edge’s new Efficiency Mode is designed to minimize power usage


Microsoft Edge adds 'Efficiency Mode' in Canary Channel

Efficiency Mode is a new feature introduced in Microsoft Edge (Chromium) browser that is more useful for all laptop devices. When enabled, it saves the battery life of your laptop by minimizing power usage. It improves the efficiency by modifying certain tab activities on tabs that you are not interacting with and put those inactive tabs to sleep after 5 minutes.


The efficiency mode (earlier known as "Performance Mode") becomes active once your laptop enters into battery saver mode. Once it activates, you will see a "blue heart pulse" icon in your Edge browser's toolbar.


You can click the icon in the toolbar to see the current status of the mode.



How to enable or disable Efficiency Mode in Microsoft Edge

When you are working on multiple tabs and most of them are not used for several minutes, the efficiency mode of the Microsoft Edge browser comes into the picture. It automatically releases system resources (CPU, Memory, etc.) by pushing the inactive tabs to sleep mode.


To enable or disable the Microsoft Edge's Efficiency Mode, follow the steps as mentioned below:

  1. Open your Microsoft Edge browser and navigate to Settings | System and performance page.
  2. Under the Optimize Performance section, toggle Efficiency mode to on or off.
  3. When enabled, you will have three options to choose from to make Efficiency Mode active. These are:
    • Always active
    • Active when unplugged
    • Active when unplugged, low battery


How to enable or disable Efficiency Mode in Microsoft Edge


Please note that the "Efficiency Mode" feature is available in Microsoft Edge build 93.0.930.0 and higher only.


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