Microsoft released a new update build for Microsoft Office on the Android platform. The latest MS Office build 16.0.14131.20072 is meant for Office Insiders which brings two new features to the Office Suite. If you are an Android Beta Tester, upgrade to this June 2021 update to enjoy the latest offerings from Microsoft.


At a glance, the latest update brings voice capture in Office Mobile apps. It also adds text prediction capability to Microsoft Word, making it easier to compose a Word document. For more details, continue reading further.



Microsoft Office for Android June 2021 Update brings two new features


Microsoft adds Voice Capture to Office Mobile apps

The first new feature that has been added in Microsoft Office Build 16.0.14131.20072 for Android users is the ability to capture voice recordings. You can now use your voice to capture quick thoughts, notes, or interviews. The recordings will be available as both audio and transcripts.


The new feature allows you to go beyond simple voice memos, with live speech-to-text transcription. It also offers synced text highlighting during playback and the ability to share your content by exporting it to other Microsoft 365 apps and services, Microsoft said in the release notes for Office Insiders.


Do note that, if you are a Microsoft 365 subscriber, this feature can also partition and transcribe the input from different speakers based on their identity.


To try out the feature, open the Microsoft Office app on your Android device and tap the '+' button at the bottom of the Home tab. Under Quick capture, tap Voice to launch the voice capture experience. Start speaking to record and tap the Done button when finished. To review your recording, select the voice card for playback with synced text highlighting.



Microsoft adds Text Prediction in Word to improve your productivity

The next feature that came with Microsoft Office Build 16.0.14131.20072 for Android users adds Text Predictions. Using this feature, you can enter text on a Microsoft Word document faster than typing on your phone. This will also reduce the number of typos that you make while typing.


Text predictions will appear as faint gray text to the right of your cursor as you type. To accept these text predictions, simply swipe right anywhere on the screen. If you don’t like the suggestion, you can continue typing or swipe left.


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