📢 PC Health Check v2.3 now tells you why your device is ineligible for Windows 11

Microsoft released an update to the PC Health Check utility that will provide a better message in case it finds your system ineligible for Windows 11 - Story published by Kunal Chowdhury on .

On , Microsoft officially announced the most anticipated Windows 11 update as the successor to Windows 10 operating system. This update will come as a free upgrade to the Windows 10 users later this year and will contain an updated UI, better performance, and productivity improvements.


Windows 11 is a wrapper on top of Windows 10 with visual improvements and will offer you additional security. As a result, Microsoft added additional hardware requirements which will block a range of users running Windows 11 on their system.


PC Health Check v2.3 now tells you why your device is ineligible for Windows 11


Earlier this week, Microsoft also released a "PC Health Check" tool that will tell you whether you are eligible for the big Windows 11 update. This works by checking against the minimum hardware requirements set by Microsoft for Windows 11 compatibility.


But, this was observed that the PC Health Check app was incorrectly reporting with a generic message "This PC can't run Windows 11" which created chaos for a large number of people.


Microsoft quickly responded to that and provided an update for the "PC Health Check" application within a day. Now it tells you the correct reason why your device is not supported for Windows 11. If you have earlier received the message that your device is not supported for Windows 11, please update your app to version 2.3 and re-run the utility. The new pop-up message will now help you to determine the root cause of compatibility issues.


The new update of the compatibility checker app will help users who assumed that the Windows compatibility issues were due to the unavailability of TPM on their system.


The following new messages we have observed so far:

  • The processor isn't supported for Windows 11
  • The processor clock speed needs to be 1 GHz or faster
  • The system disk needs to be 64 GB or larger
  • TPM 2.0 is a requirement for running Windows 11
  • Your PC must support Secure Boot


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