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Microsoft officially announces Windows 11, the next major version of the Windows operating system. It introduced several new features and improvements that include a redesigned Start Menu and Taskbar, new Themes, and a personalized feed with widgets.


If you are a Windows Insider in the Dev Channel, Microsoft to release the first Windows 11 build sometime next week. For more information about the availability and eligibilities to get the Windows 11 build, check out this post.


Windows 11 first build to release next week to insiders


Microsoft is now preparing to release the first Windows 11 preview build to the Windows Insiders in the Dev Channel. It will start rolling out sometime next week.


Since the launch of Windows 10 almost six years ago, a lot of hardware innovations happened in the PC space. Thus, Microsoft updated the baseline to include those new hardware changes in Windows 11 to provide you better security and experience.


To get Windows 11, your system should meet the minimum hardware requirements as specified by Microsoft. Though this will not be strictly followed for the Windows Insiders running the latest Dev Channel builds, the final release will automatically opt you out if your system doesn't meet the requirements.


In support of the Windows 11 hardware requirements, we’re setting the minimum requirements for flighting to match what is enforced within our media install experience (ISOs), but we recommend that PCs meet the full hardware requirements for the best experience when using Windows 11 Insider Preview builds, says Microsoft. You can use the PC Health Check app here to see if your PC meets these requirements.



If you are already running Windows 10 Insiders Preview Build from the Dev Channel, and meeting the Windows 11 hardware requirements, you will be eligible to get Windows 11 Insider Preview Builds.


If you are meeting the minimum hardware requirements, you will still be able to install Windows 11 preview builds but it can result in a degraded experience and some features may not work properly.


If you are unable to meet the minimum hardware requirements, you still will be allowed to get the Windows 11 preview builds until general availability. Once Windows 11 moves to General Availability (GA), you need to go back to Windows 10. You won't get any future preview builds after that.


Do note that, Windows 11 will be offered as a free upgrade to Windows 10 users running compatible devices.


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