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Microsoft said that Visual Studio 2019 version 16.11 will be the final version of VS2019. Recently, Microsoft released the first preview build of Visual Studio 2022, and now the company is focusing on making Visual Studio even more accessible with possible new features like whitespace rendering, focus mode, audio cues, and more.


The company started seeking feedback from developers to move beyond "good enough" to find the features and innovations that help the Visual Studio users do the most amazing things they can. Lastly, the company listed a few features they are thinking about and seeking your feedback.


Microsoft is now focusing on making Visual Studio even more accessible


Today, my day-to-day is less about compliance issues and more about wanting to move beyond “good enough”. We want to find the features and innovations that help our users do the most amazing things they can. Visual Studio shouldn’t merely “work” with a screen reader, but it should deliver an experience that feels fluid and natural, says Dante Gagne.


To make Visual Studio even better than what it is today, Dante Gagne has listed a few new features that the Microsoft Visual Studio Team is thinking to make it more accessible. Here is the list of those features:


Whitespace Rendering

This feature would allow users to specify the render width of indentation regardless of whether tabs or spaces are used in the file.


Option Collecting

This feature would introduce a new feature in the Options dialog that would reduce the displayed options to only the ones that have to do with accessibility. The feature can also be extended to other areas like privacy or security. The feature would make it easier to find groups of similar options to help you find and customize your experience.



Focus Mode

This feature would provide an easy way for users to step into and out of a “Focus Mode”. It would also allow control over the notifications they want or don’t want to know about while in this mode.


Audio Cues

This feature would provide more hooks and a richer environment for hooking up audio cues to events in Visual Studio.


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