📢 Animated background for video calls coming soon to Skype

Microsoft releases Skype to the Skype Insiders that includes animated background, customized call reactions and more new features. - Story published by Kunal Chowdhury on , and was last updated on 2021-07-12T11:46:42Z.

Animated background for video calls coming soon to Skype
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If you are using Skype, Microsoft is now bringing in animated backgrounds for your video calls. The company recently previewed it in the latest Skype Insiders Preview Build Not only that, with the latest preview build, Microsoft also added few more new features to it.


Some of the new features introduced in Skype 8.74 include customized call reactions, a split window on Android, Files sharing from chat. For more details on the new features, continue reading further.


Animated background for video calls coming soon to Skype


What's new in Skype

Animated background for video calls

To set an animated background for your video calls, you can now select GIF from local files and set it to enjoy your new background.

Customized Call Reactions

You can now choose your personal set of reactions.

Split Window on Android

If you are using Skype on an Android device, you can now use the split window functionality for Skype. Microsoft said that with this functionality they wanted to improve your user experience for desktop-like environments. This feature is currently supported in Surface Duo, Samsung DeX, and most of the Chromebooks.

Files sharing from chat

Files sharing become easy with Skype 8.74. If you are using Skype on iOS devices, you can easily share files from the chat window.