If you’re sick and tired of seeing your competitors at the top of Google search, you want to boost your clicks and, of course, sales, setting up a Google Adwords campaign is what you need to be doing. You may have tried creating one yourself and failed or thought perhaps it wasn’t all it’s cracked up to be, leading you to abandon the project without seeing any results.


If that’s the case, here’s what you need to do.


How to find and keep the AdWords Management company of your dreams


Find yourself a good Adwords consultant

The right Google AdWords management services can literally make or break your campaign, so choose carefully. Hiring an expert to run and optimize your Google AdWords campaigns is certainly a daunting task, and just like hiring a new staff member, requires a bit of time and consideration to get right. Although an outside agency is easier to let go of if things turn sour, the wrong choice can set you back in terms of time and money, all the while giving your competitors the opportunity to overtake you.


Firstly, some research never goes amiss. Make a list of a few potential agencies, their qualifications, and experience, and book a consultation. You’ll be able to get a good idea of what kind of campaigns they will run, and their company culture. Think of it as an interview – prepare some questions, and be ready to discuss goals, budget, and your general company ethos. The Adwords consultant should be able to give you a good understanding of their approach, methods, and billing model.


When it comes to payment, some agencies choose a set fee, while others prefer a regular retainer or monthly percentage. Whichever they propose, consider how this impacts you, and if you aren’t comfortable, don’t be afraid to renegotiate and pull out if necessary. From here, you can start making your choice, and the most important thing to consider is whether you trust the agency and can foresee working with them for an extended period of time. Follow your gut.



Starting out together

Determine your objectives and goals for the campaign. Having a clear timeframe will help both you and the Google AdWords management company to create realistic expectations and plans. Discuss what kind of information the agency will need from you to begin work, how you will share data and cooperate, as well as legalities like non-disclosures, etc. Being forthright with your agency allows for trust to build and creates a clear line of communication between you.


Once the campaign has started, focus on the quality of leads instead of quantity. Putting pressure on your AdWords consultant will not yield the results you’re after and be prepared to wait and be patient at first. Depending on what type of product or service you sell, prepare your sales team for the leads that may be coming in, offering free trials and demos, and having everything ready for when things take off. Preparation is the name of the game and will make all the difference to your campaign, your consultant, and you.



Keep your finger on the pulse

Discuss and decide on reviews at different strategic points in the marketing campaign, making sure you’re abreast of what’s happening and if the campaign is meeting its targets. Google AdWords campaigns often need tweaking, from updating and optimizing keywords and landing pages, to turning down the volume of a particular keyword if you find the clicks are becoming too expensive, or you’re saturated with leads (a happy tweak, for sure), you’ll know what’s happening and your AdWords consultant will be able to advise on the best course of action.


In the early stages of a campaign, there may be a lot of positive news and volume but stay careful about the quality. Consult your sales team about leads, whether they followed up with them and if it led to anything. Using a CRM system makes this easier to stay on top of, but it also creates a good habit with the team and easily shows you what’s working and what isn’t. Ultimately, your AdWords consultant should be able to see what needs optimizing, and improve the campaign accordingly, which is what makes them such an asset, and worth the additional time and spend.


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