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Microsoft has released a new Office (Preview) Build 14405.20002 for Microsoft Office Version 2109. This build is rolling out to the Office Insiders who have registered in the Windows Beta Channel. The latest build adds a very important feature for those who collaborate on Word.


The new collaboration feature on Microsoft Word will allow you to track only your changes by going to the Review tab and opening the dropdown menu on the Track Changes button.


Office Insider Preview Build 14405.20002 for Windows brings this new collaboration feature


What's new in Microsoft Office Build 14405.20002

Word - Track just your changes
Collaborating with others is a key part of producing great content in Word, and the Track Changes feature is an essential part of that process. Previously, when you turned on Track Changes, everyone’s changes were automatically tracked. But sometimes you only want your own changes to be tracked, without forcing this setting on others. Now we’ve given you the power to turn on Track Changes only for yourself. To do so, go to the Review tab and open the dropdown menu on the Track Changes button; then select Just Mine.



Notable fixes
  • Word: We fixed an issue where the Repeat as Header Row feature in a table was disabled in some cases.
  • Excel: We fixed an issue that caused the trend line on charts with logarithmic data to not be smooth.
  • Outlook: We fixed an issue related to replying to a message from an external user with a sensitivity label and we do not apply our sensitivity label default.
  • Access: We fixed an issue where, after an error is encountered when pasting records into a subform, data added to the subform is discarded when the form is closed.
  • Access: We fixed an issue where attempting to use the DAO API from non-Office applications would cause a failure, with the message, “The operating system is not presently configured to run this application.
  • Office Suite: We improved behavior during a file Save or Save As to a location requiring user access approval; the Grant Access screen should now appear, to allow user access approval.


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