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Visual Studio 2022 is the first version of the IDE that will be available as a 64-bit app and thus it won't be limited to ~4GB of memory in the main devenv.exe process. Currently, it is available as a preview bit for the interested developers to try and provide feedback to Microsoft.


In August, the company released the third preview build, and now the company came up with Preview 4 of the Visual Studio 2022. The latest version of Visual Studio 2022 adds the following new features and improvements. To get the latest build, find the official download links below.


Visual Studio 2022 version 17.0 Preview 4 released with these features


Highlights of Microsoft Visual Studio 2022 Preview 4

Visual Studio 2022 Preview 4 adds performance improvements to several key features. According to Microsoft, the "find in files" feature is now 3 times faster when searching in large solutions. The C++ IntelliSense performance is also ~12% faster for semantic colorization and optimizations to symbol database processing. It now has almost 2x faster speed while expanding C++ items in the solution explorer.


If you are using Blazor and Razor editors, Microsoft has some big updates for you. In the latest version of Visual Studio 2022 Preview build, there are new capabilities for hot reload in ASP.NET Core – including hot reload on file save and applying changes to CSS files live.


Apart from that, C# 10 received some big updates. As part of the .NET productivity improvements, Microsoft added the "sync namespaces" refactoring feature in the (right-click) menu of a project or folder in Solution Explorer.


These are just the major changes in Visual Studio 2022 Preview 4. For more details, check out the original release notes published by Microsoft.



How to download Visual Studio 2022 Preview

Visual Studio 2022 is still under development and comes as a Preview build. To download the latest version of Visual Studio 2022 (Preview), navigate to this page and download* the edition of your choice. It comes in three different editions: Visual Studio Community 2022, Visual Studio Professional 2022, and Visual Studio Enterprise 2022.


* We update this page regularly with the official download links of Microsoft Visual Studio 2022. Here you will always get the latest version of the Visual Studio installer.



Before downloading the Visual Studio 2022 Preview build, make sure that you meet the minimum system requirements to install it. Do note that this preview release does not come with a "go-live" license and thus it is not intended for use on production computers or for creating production code.


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