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Learn how to add a link to a PDF document

A link in a PDF document allows you to jump to a new page from your current location. Here we will show you how to add a link to a PDF document. - Article authored by Kunal Chowdhury on .

A link in a PDF document allows you to jump to a new page from your current location. You can attach clickable links to text, images, or specific areas. In this way, through simply hitting the links, readers can promptly access more information associated with these words or images.


How do you add a link to a PDF document? You probably already know many PDF management tools can help with that. But which are the best to use? This article will recommend 3 options and explain how to add a link to a PDF document.


How to add a link to a PDF document


How to Add a Link to a PDF Document in SwifDoo PDF

SwifDoo PDF is a PDF viewer and editor applicable to Windows operating system. It is simple to use and powerful in features. You can employ the software to easily add links to PDFs, convert, edit PDF files, and much more. Take a look at how to add a link to a PDF document with SwifDoo PDF.


  1. Launch the software and open a PDF file in it;
  2. Choose Edit on the top navigation bar. Click Link in the sub-menu and select Add or edit link. The cursor comes to be a cross;
  3. Use the cross-hair to draw a rectangle on an area where you want to generate a link;
  4. In the pop-up Add Links dialog box, you can select the color and other appearance options for the link. Choose a link action under the Other Options.



Choose Go to a Page View

Click Next. Please note don’t close the new Choose Where to Link window. Drag the scroll bar on the right side and stop at a page where you expect to go once clicking the link. Hit OK.


Choose Go to a Certain Page

Enter the page number and click OK.


Choose to Open a Web

Enter the URL of a web page. Press OK.


Choose Open a File

Click Browse to select a PDF, Word, image, or another type of file. Hit OK.


To make a link clickable, you only need to save the PDF file in the program without re-opening it. After the changed file is saved, click on the link to jump to the destination page in the document, to another file, or a specific web page.


SwifDoo PDF is really competitive in user experience. It offers a total 30-day free trial and allows beginners to choose a 7-day trial plan. The 7-day trial doesn’t require a SwifDoo PDF account. If you feel SwifDoo PDF is good to use during the 7 days, you can create an account to extend the trial period then.



How to Add a Link to a PDF Document in Adobe Acrobat Pro DC

Acrobat Pro DC is a core product provided by Adobe Inc. The software allows users to view, convert, sign PDF files, add links to PDFs, and more. It provides a complete solution to your PDF issues on Windows and Mac. Here are the steps to explain how to add a link to a PDF document in Adobe Acrobat Pro.


  1. Download and install Adobe Acrobat Pro on your Windows or Mac;
  2. Open the software and a PDF file that you are to add links in;
  3. Go to choose Tools and Edit PDF. Click Link in the sub-menu and select Add/Edit Web or Document Link;
  4. Draw a rectangle frame on an area where you plan to add a link;
  5. Select appearance properties for the link.


Choose Go To A Page View

Click Next and select a page where you will reach after clicking the link. Press Set Link to confirm your setting.


Choose Open A File

Select the target file that you will access after hitting the link, and click Select. Hit OK.


Choose Open A Web Page

Enter the URL of the web page and confirm the action.


Choose Custom Link

Click Next, then choose another link action you may want in the opened Link Properties dialog box.


Except for common link actions, Acrobat enables you to set a customized link action. That's what most software can not do.


Adobe Acrobat Pro DC is always a good solution to manipulate and manage PDF files. Mac users who are not able to add hyperlinks to PDFs in Preview, they can consider Acrobat as a substitute.



How to Add a Link to a PDF Document Online Using Sejda

Sejda is one of the online tools that allow users to add a link to a PDF document. If you are reluctant to install any software on your PC, it might be your best choice. Check how to add a link to a PDF document with the online tool Sejda.


  1. Search Sejda in your browser and go into its official website;
  2. Place your pointer on All Tools on the top of the website and click Edit in the drop-down list;
  3. Upload your PDF file on the new appearing page to go to the editing page;
  4. Click the Links tab on the top of the toolbar. Choose Link to external URL, Link to email address, Link to phone number, or Link to internal page;
  5. Enter the URL, the destination email address, phone number, or another page number in the document. Hit Apply changes button at the bottom to start processing.


After a while, a preview page will come out and you can click the inserted link to jump to the selected location. You can also download the changed PDF file from this page. For this free service (add links to PDFs), please note there is a limit of 3 tasks per hour.



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