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A link in a PDF document allows you to jump to a new page from your current location. You can attach clickable links to text, images, or specific areas. In this way, through simply hitting the links, readers can promptly access more information associated with these words or images.


How do you add a link to a PDF document? You probably already know many PDF management tools can help with that. But which are the best to use? This article will recommend 3 options and explain how to add a link to a PDF document.

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Sometimes, you have a few pages in a PDF that you want to transfer into another PDF. Instead of rescanning the pictures, you can simply edit the PDF document by adding the pages you need. If you scan the documents again, you are going to have to turn on the scanner and pay more electricity bills. You actually don't need to use any software to add pages in a PDF document.


In Windows 10, you can merge the PDF for free by using the Print command. Let's learn the ways to add pages to PDF on Windows 10.

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If you are using 'iTextSharp' library to read/write PDF files in your application and faced an InvalidCastException with the message "Unable to cast object of type 'iTextSharp.text.pdf.PdfLiteral' to type 'iTextSharp.text.pdf.PdfString'", this post will help you to know the root cause of the issue. Continue reading to learn more about it.

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