If you are using PowerShell 7, it now received an update to version 7.3.0 Preview 1. The latest preview release comes with a lot of improvements on top of PowerShell 7, which includes the following official list of changes. Grab the latest build from GitHub to test it ahead of public release.


Microsoft PowerShell 7.3.0 Preview 1 released with many improvements


What's new and improved in Microsoft PowerShell 7.3.0 Preview 1 (Official Changelog)

Breaking Changes

  • Add clean block to script block as a peer to begin, process, and end to allow easy resource cleanup
  • Change default for $PSStyle.OutputRendering to Ansi

Engine Updates and Fixes

  • Remove duplicate remote server mediator code
  • Fix PSVersion parameter version checks and error messages for PowerShell 7 remoting
  • Use the same temporary home directory when HOME env variable is not set
  • Fix parser to generate error when array has more than 32 dimensions


  • Avoid validation for built-in file extension and color VT sequences

General Cmdlet Updates and Fixes

  • Update README.md and metadata.json for next preview release
  • Use PlainText when writing to a host that doesn’t support VT
  • Remove support for AppExeCLinks to retrieve target
  • Move GetOuputString() and GetFormatStyleString() to PSHostUserInterface as public API
  • Fix ConvertTo-SecureString with key regression due to .NET breaking change
  • Fix regression in Move-Item to only fallback to copy and delete in specific cases
  • Set $? correctly for command expression with redirections
  • Use CurrentCulture when handling conversions to DateTime in Add-History
  • Fix link header parsing to handle unquoted rel types
  • Fix a casting error when using $PSNativeCommandUsesErrorActionPreference
  • Format-Wide: Fix NullReferenceException
  • Make the native command error handling optionally honor ErrorActionPreference
  • Remove declaration of experimental features in Utility module manifest as they are stable
  • Fix race condition between DisconnectAsync and Dispose
  • Fix the Max_PATH condition check to handle long path correctly
  • Update HelpInfoUri for 7.2 release
  • Fix tab completion within the script block specified for the ValidateScriptAttribute.
  • Update README.md to specify gathered telemetry
  • Fix typo for “privacy” in MSI installer
  • Remove unneeded call to File.ResolveLinkTarget from IsWindowsApplication
  • Add -HttpVersion parameter to web cmdlets
  • Add support to web cmdlets for open-ended input tags
  • Add more tests to Tee-Object -Encoding
  • Don’t throw exception when trying to resolve a possible link path
  • Fix ConvertTo-Json -Depth to allow 100 at maximum
  • Fix for SSH remoting when banner is enabled on SSHD endpoint
  • Disallow all COM for AppLocker system lock down
  • Configure ApplicationInsights to not send cloud role name
  • Disallow Add-Type in NoLanguage mode on a locked down machine
  • Specify the executable path as TargetObect for non-zero exit code ErrorRecord
  • Don’t allow Move-Item with FileSystemProvider to move a directory into itself
  • Make property names for the color VT sequences consistent with documentations
  • Fix PipelineVariable to set variable in the right scope
  • Invoke-Command: improve handling of variables with $using: expression
  • Change Target from a CodeProperty to be an AliasProperty that points to FileSystemInfo.LinkTarget


  • Fix typo in build.psm1
  • Add .stylecop to filetypexml and format it
  • Enable sending Teams notification when workflow fails
  • Use Convert-Path for unknown drive in Build.psm1


  • Add benchmark to test compiler performance
  • Enable two previously disabled Get-Process tests
  • Set clean state before testing UseMU in the MSI
  • Fix global tool and SDK tests in release pipeline
  • Remove the outdated test
  • Removed old not-used-anymore docker-based tests for PS release packages

Documentation and Help Content

  • Update Windows PowerShell issues link
  • Remove Joey from Committee and WG membership
  • Update more docs for net6.0 TFM
  • Change snippet tag to code tag in XML comments
  • Update build documentation to reflect .NET 6
  • Update README.md about the change logs
  • Update change log for 7.2.0
  • Update metadata.json and README.md for 7.2.0 release
  • Update README.md and metadata.json files for v7.2.0-rc.1 release
  • Update the change logs for v7.0.8 and v7.1.5 releases


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