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Microsoft Office version 2202 receives a new update. If you are an Office Insider in the Windows Beta Channel, Microsoft is now rolling out build 14912.20000 with a new feature improvement for Microsoft Excel users using Power BI-connected PivotTables.


Apart from that new feature improvement for Microsoft Excel, the latest version also includes a few fixes for Microsoft Word, Microsoft Outlook client for Windows, Microsoft Access, and Microsoft Office Suite.


Microsoft Office Version 2202 (Build 14912.20000) improves Power BI-connected PivotTables


What's new and improved in Microsoft Office Version 2202 (Build 14912.20000)

Improved Power BI-connected PivotTables

Many users have requested improvements for PivotTables connected to Power BI datasets, enabling easy drag-and-drop aggregations by dragging fields into the Values area of the PivotTable. Now they’re here! This work builds on recent improvements that make it easier to create Power BI-connected PivotTables without having to leave Excel.



Notable fixes

  • Word: Fixed an issue where an error appeared on closing any document containing a list style with the “New documents based on this template” option enabled.
  • Outlook: Fixed an issue where the list of folders in Outlook stopped responding to mouse clicks after a contact profile card was opened.
  • Outlook: Fixed an issue where a hyperlinked URL didn’t change automatically when there was a change in the shared OneDrive link using Outlook.
  • Access: Fixed an issue where some SQL Server drivers would show the error “String data, right truncation (#0)” when a user tried to add more than 8,000 bytes worth of data to a varchar(max) field.
  • Office Suite: Fixed an issue where some default applications disappeared after the monthly Office update.


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