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GitHub releases a new update for the open-source project Git, which bumped up the version number to 2.35. The latest build of Git (version 2.35) introduces a few interesting new features and changes.


Apart from that, it also adds several bug fixes from over 93 contributors. Here's everything that you would like to know about Git 2.35. So, continue reading further.


Git 2.35 released with a few interesting features


What's new and improved in Git 2.35

The git stash sub-command now has a --staged mode to make it easier to stash changes into the staging area and nothing else. It is almost like committing the changes to git, but instead of creating a new commit, it writes a new entry to the stash. When you’re ready, you can recover your changes by using the command git stash pop and continue working on your changes.


The command git log now has a rich set of --format options that you can use to customize the output. This will make the command options cleaner to read.


Git 2.35 now lets you take advantage of the OpenSSH’s valid-before and valid-after directives by making sure that the object that you’re verifying has been already signed using a valid signature. This allows individuals to rotate their SSH keys by keeping track of when each key was valid without invalidating any objects previously signed using an older key.



Git 2.35 also adds support for the new key types in the user.signingKey configuration when you include the key verbatim. Hence, you can now specify literal SSH keys with key types that don’t begin with ssh-.


The project now adds support for the "zdiff3" style of merge conflict presentation which zealously moves any lines in common at the beginning or end of a conflict outside of the conflicted area.


In Git 2.35, --histogram got a nice performance boost, which should make it faster in many cases. The latest version also adds a variety of performance improvements for --color-moved-ws.



In Git 2.35, the git jump merge command learned how to narrow the set of merge conflicts using a pathspec. While working on resolving a big merge conflict if you want to work on a specific section, you can run: git jump merge --foo command to focus on conflicts in the foo directory only.


You can now specify how the git am command will behave when it encounters an empty commit.


Speaking of sparse-checkout, the git sparse-checkout builtin has deprecated the git sparse-checkout init subcommand in favor of using the git sparse-checkout set.



For a list of other new features, improvements, and bug fixes, check out the official release notes available here. Head over to the Git downloads page to download the latest version of Git for Windows, Linux/Unix, and macOS.


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