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As it is the second Tuesday of the month, it's time for patching all supported versions of Microsoft Windows operating systems. Being the first patch of the year, Microsoft now started rolling out the January 2022 Patch Tuesday update (KB5009543) for Windows 11 version 21H2.


Windows 11 Patch Tuesday (KB5009566) update addresses a known issue that affects Japanese Input Method Editors (IME). It also includes security updates for your Windows 11 operating system. To know more about the fixes in this build, and to download the Windows 11 KB5009566 update offline installer, continue reading further.


Windows 11 Patch Tuesday (KB5009566) update is now available


Windows 11 update KB5009566 - what's new and improved

Addresses a known issue that affects Japanese Input Method Editors (IME). When you use a Japanese IME to enter text, the text might appear out of order or the text cursor might move unexpectedly in apps that use the multibyte character set (MBCS). This issue affects the Microsoft Japanese IME and third-party Japanese IMEs.


Known issues in Windows 11 update KB5009566

After installing Windows 11, some image editing programs might not render colors correctly on certain high dynamic range (HDR) displays. This is frequently observed with white colors, which could display in bright yellow or other colors.


This issue occurs when certain color-rendering Win32 APIs return unexpected information or errors under specific conditions. Not all color profile management programs are affected, and color profile options available in the Windows 11 Settings page, including Microsoft Color Control Panel, are expected to function correctly.



How to download Windows 11 KB5009566 update (offline installer)

If your Windows Update service is enabled, you should have received this update notification. If not, open the Windows 11 Settings app, navigate to Windows Update and click the "Check for Updates" button.


If you own multiple Windows 11 devices or if you would like to patch the systems manually, you can download the offline installer by clicking here. This is an official direct download link for Windows 11 KB5009566 update.


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