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Microsoft releases a new update for the MS Office users on Windows. The latest Office version 2204 build 15028.20022 is now rolling out to the Office Insiders on the Windows Beta Channel (Fast Ring) that adds a bunch of improvements. Willing to know what has been changed in this new version? Here's the complete changelog.


Microsoft Office Version 2204 (Build 15109.20000) comes to Windows Beta Channel


What's new and improved in Microsoft Office Version 2204 (Build 15109.20000)

Word - Notable Fixes

Fixed an issue that disabled collaboration mode for a document.

Fixed an issue where Word could not print visible optional hyphens (Alt+173) when used in equations.

Excel - Notable Fixes

Fixed an issue where a recovered file would be opened as read-only.

Fixed an issue where the app could close unexpectedly when trying to change a link via the Edit Link dialog.

Fixed an issue where the app was not translating named formats from Power BI.

Fixed an issue where choosing the search command in context menus disabled common keyboard shortcut combinations.



PowerPoint - Notable Fixes

Fixed an issue regarding the handling of multiple contiguous spaces properly within SVG files.

Fixed a stability issue related to exporting a recorded presentation.

Outlook - Notable Fixes

Fixed an issue where resending a message reverted the message body to plain text and all changes were lost (data loss).

Fixed an issue affecting RMS-protected messages.

A data change was made to include a new United Kingdom holiday in UK-based calendars.

Fixed an issue that could cause users to be unable to disable the Conversation view.

Fixed an issue where removed shared calendars reappeared when the REST shared calendar feature was enabled.



Project - Notable Fixes

Fixed an issue on systems with high DPI where nodes on a network diagram were viewed as overlapping or not to scale and did not print correctly.

Fixed an issue where saving or publishing a project from Project Client does not save changes to custom fields.

Access - Notable Fix

Fixed an issue that could cause the application to close unexpectedly when using the Access Database Engine OLEDB API with a database containing links to SharePoint lists.


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