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Last week Microsoft released the first build of Microsoft Office version 2205 to the Office Insiders and added a few bug fixes. This week, the company releases another build to the Windows Beta Channel insiders that increase the version number to 15209.20000.


The latest Microsoft Office Version 2205 (Build 15209.20000) adds an improved Recommended PivotTables experience to Microsoft Excel and a few bug fixes for the entire office suite.


What's new and improved in Microsoft Office Version 2205 (Build 15209.20000)


What's new and improved in Microsoft Office Version 2205 (Build 15209.20000)

What's new in Microsoft Excel

Improved Recommended PivotTables experience

Recommended PivotTables are now more intelligent and easier to use! The dialog box interface has been replaced by a redesigned panel, making it easier to view all of your options and simpler to change your data selection before inserting a recommended PivotTable. To access the feature, open a workbook containing data and select Insert > Recommended PivotTables. Review the recommendations and insert the one you want into your workbook.



Notable Fixes and Improvements

Microsoft Excel

Fixed an issue where map charts would get recolored when adding labels

Fixed an issue with a problem that could occur when using the TEXTSPLIT function with certain arguments

Fixed an issue where the app stopped responding when referencing a defined name containing the formula =IF(1) in a cell



Microsoft Word

Fixed an issue with Modern Comments where text copied from OneNote into a comment would insert an image

Fixed an issue so that an icon within a table is displayed properly when being resized

Fixed an issue where the Trust Center settings windows wouldn’t open after posting a new Modern Comment

Fixed an issue where, when closing a comment, pending bookmarks also closed



Microsoft PowerPoint

Fixed an issue where multi-line sensitivity label footers would be positioned so that only the first line would appear at the bottom of the slide

Fixed an issue where the user sees a blank block when inserting another PowerPoint file as a linked object

Microsoft Outlook

Fixed an issue where the app stopped responding when trying to respond to a specific contact, after calling ResolveContacts thousands of times



Microsoft Office Suite

Fixed an issue where customers with the updated visuals in Backstage would not see their chosen Office background in certain apps and themes

Fixed an issue where, when a user paused the Read Aloud function, the app would skip to the next paragraph when restarted


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