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Microsoft releases a new update for Visual Studio 2022 that bumps up the version number to 17.1.6. The latest version of Visual Studio 2022 doesn't feature any new changes but addresses a couple of issues noticed in the previous build(s).


One of the top priority issue that the latest update fixes are the crash in the C++ compiler which was crashing sometimes while running code analysis bitwise enum checks. For all the other changes and fixes (changelog), continue reading further.


Visual Studio 2022 addresses C++ compiler crash, iPhone simulator error


What's new and improved in Visual Studio 2022 v17.1.6

  • Fixed C++ compiler (CL.exe) sometimes crashes when running code analysis bitwise enum checks.
  • Fixed iPhone Simulator - Fatal error: Could not load the file 'System.Memory'.
  • Fixed vctip.exe regression in VisualCPP SxS from 17.0.8.
  • Fixed a bug in VisualCPP SxS that prevented some applications built with Address Sanitizer (ASAN) to load in Windows 11.
  • Fixed another ASAN issue in VisualCPP SxS where multi-threaded applications with heap contention may experience deadlocks, false "wild pointer freed" reports, or a deadlock during process exit.


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