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Microsoft recently announced a big feature update for Windows Subsystem for Android. This update comes as version 2204.40000.15.0 and includes several exciting features and improvements. The most notable changes in this build include support for Android 12.1, a redesigned settings app, better integrations with Windows 11, and other improvements.


Windows 11 Subsystem for Android will soon run on Android 12.1


What is Windows Subsystem for Android

Windows Subsystem for Android enables your Windows 11 devices to run Android applications that are available in the Amazon Appstore. To access the Windows Subsystem for Android Settings app, navigate to Start > All Apps > Windows Subsystem for Android. Unlike traditional mobile form factors, Android apps running on Windows 11 can be freely resized, should be responsive in their resizing, and can be snapped using Windows actions/gestures.


Do you want to install and run Android applications in Windows 11? Microsoft has published a list of minimum hardware requirements.



What's new and improved in Windows Subsystem for Android

Microsoft has released a new update for Windows Subsystem for Android to the Microsoft Store. The latest version (2204.40000.15.0) can be downloaded by Windows Insiders on computers enrolled in the Dev Channel. Here's a list of features and improvements part of this build.

  • Windows Subsystem for Android updated to Android 12.1
  • Advanced networking on by default for newer x64 Windows builds
  • Updated Windows Subsystem for Android Settings app: redesigned UX and diagnostics data viewer added
  • Simpleperf CPU profiler recording now works with Windows Subsystem for Android
  • Windows taskbar now shows which Android apps are using microphone and location
  • Improvements to Android app notifications appearing as Windows notifications
  • Reduced flicker when apps are restored from minimized state
  • Apps are not restarted when devices come out of connected standby on recent Windows builds
  • New video hardware decoding (VP8 and VP9)
  • Fixes for on-screen keyboard in apps
  • Fixes for full-screen Android apps and auto-hidden Windows taskbar
  • Windows Subsystem for Android updated with Chromium WebView 100
  • Added support for Android NetworkLocationProvider in addition to GpsLocationProvider
  • Improved general stability, performance, and reliability


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