Microsoft Azure VM is a flexible cloud computing service that runs on an isolated partition of its host computer, used popularly for development and testing. Its versatility and ability to allow users to deploy applications in minutes make it an indispensable asset for most business organizations.


However, without the proper Microsoft Azure monitoring tool, servers often don't perform at maximum efficiency, resulting in unnecessary downtimes and service disruption.


Latest Top 5 Microsoft Azure VM monitoring Tools


Significant Azure VM metrics to monitor

  1. Overall availability of all your Azure virtual machines
  2. Track memory utilization and processor details
  3. Monitor Disk I/O metrics
  4. Keep an eye on network traffic
  5. Track threads and processes


Pro Tip: Azure VM Monitoring tools will help you improve your operations' efficiency and resolve issues through its services. Before you choose an appropriate tool, the first thing you should consider is the business use case. It is essential to figure out the monitoring tool required for your Azure application.



Determine whether you want to know the application's performance or insights on cost, capacity & performance issues on the Azure VM environment at the right time and rectify them.


Top 5 Microsoft Azure VM monitoring Tools

Serverless360 (Best Overall)

Serverless360 (Best Overall)


Serverless360 is an enterprise-grade cloud management platform that makes Azure monitoring, tracing, and governance more efficient. The solution offers centralized and end-to-end monitoring of the Azure VMs along with other services that participate in building the application.


Also, it has built-in integration with popular notification channels like Slack, PagerDuty, Microsoft Teams, etc. It offers monitoring capability suitable for product managers, DevOps teams, Architects, and Admins.




Key Features:

  1. Centralized view of Azure VMs health and availability
  2. Visualize and reduce the cost spent in non-production env by automatically right-sizing VMs
  3. Identify abandoned or inactive virtual machines and auto stop or delete the resource
  4. Consolidated error report of VMs across different tenants and subscriptions
  5. Pre-built and customizable dashboards to identify CPU performance issues
  6. Correlate Azure VM metrics (Network In and Network Out) to ensure desired performance
  7. Proactively identify capacity issues before they occur with real-time resource usage monitoring
  8. Dependency map that displays the interconnected components with the VM and its status


The vendor also offers a customized demo, or you can try out the free trial to experience the platform yourself.


Azure Monitor

It is one of the built-in tools in Azure which can also be used for monitoring Azure VMs. Azure Monitor is one of the native tools. It's a platform to monitor your Linux & Windows VMs and their health and dependencies.




  • The alert pane shows the alerts fired for the last 24 hours with vital stats (no unified view of VMs available)
  • It has a key metrics pane that includes charts to show key health metrics like average CPU and network utilization
  • The activity log displays any configuration changes, including start and stops status


Site 24*7

Site24x7 provides the capability to monitor the performance of your Microsoft Azure infrastructure and applications running on the platform.


More than 100 services are supported for monitoring, including IaaS services, like virtual machines (VMs) and Kubernetes, and PaaS services.



  • An exclusive Azure VM extension is available within the Azure marketplace to provide more than 60 performance metrics for your Windows and Linux VMs
  • Best practices and proposals for your Azure services to reduce costs, optimize performance, and shut security gaps
  • Automatic fault resolution system across the cloud resources to minimize MTTR




Netreo is a cloud and on-premises resources monitoring tool. It'll monitor for performance and availability and notify on production issues.



  • It provides deep and immediate insight into VM availability with its performance dashboards, status dashboard, alerts dashboard, etc
  • Monitor local processes, services, and scheduled tasks
  • It is often integrated with 3rd party software that will help to increase operational efficiency


New Relic

It is best suited for getting a unified view of your cloud applications and on-prem systems. New Relic is a platform for Application Performance Monitoring that will let you instantly understand application performance, dependencies, and bottlenecks.



  • It provides the features of Alert policies which will let you set thresholds for groups of applications, including VMs.
  • It provides features to make and receive customized reports.
  • It provides reporting on everything from deployments, availability, and performance.




Overall, we see Serverless360 as the best tool to monitor and remediate issues in Azure VMs while offering more features like consolidated monitoring reports, capacity and performance issue detection, cost analysis, and proactive monitoring on key metrics than other tools available in the market.


We hope this article will guide you in selecting the right Azure VM monitoring tool for your needs.


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