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Smartphones are everywhere. Technological advancements have ensured that we rely on smartphones for all aspects of our lives. Smartphones are just an easy one-click solution to all our problems.


Smartphones help you communicate well through access to different communication apps and platforms. It also allows you to gather information (through the blessing of the Internet) and keep track of all the files and data we store on our phones.


7 crazy things you can do with your smartphone



Whether you want to look up a restaurant offering your favorite cuisine or book a slot at Room ESC, you can quickly achieve that with the help of a smartphone. But do you truly know how much you can achieve through a smartphone?


Probably not. Although the genius of the smartphone is limitless, we have curated a list of 7 crazy things you can do with your smartphone.



It Can Prevent Drinking Under the Influence

Did you know that your smartphone can help prevent drunk driving? The new Bluetooth BACKtrack will act as a breath analyzer and enable you to decide whether you are fit to drive or not.


The device is a relatively easy-to-use and compact model. The device will measure the alcohol level in your body and send the data to your smartphone. You can prevent driving under the influence based on this data and your good conscience.



It Can Become a Portable First Aid Kid

A smartphone is a treasure trove of information. It can provide you with all necessary information on basic first aid skills like putting on a band-aid, tying a tourniquet, and even helps in administering CPR.


Apps like Pocket First Aid and CPR are the perfect portable first aid kit that can be accessed through your smartphone. What's better? You can even save necessary medical information for future use.



Keeps Track of Your Heart Health

Smartphones can make portable medical advice ad first information more accessible. Health service apps can help monitor your blood pressure and heart health to signal any medical issues.


Hospitals could sponsor these apps or be independent start-ups working on monitoring your health with a more convenient and individualistic approach. Typically, heart monitors require you to download an app and press your finger based on the directions they provide.


They will note your current heart rate and initiate any advice they deem necessary for your health.



Acts as a Reminder to Hydrate Yourself

It is essential to keep yourself hydrated. But how many of us remember to drink enough water each day?


To solve this problem, you can make use of special water bottles which can be paired with a health app. The water bottles will record the amount of water you have drank each day and how you can keep yourself healthy. This data will be saved in the app and periodically remind you to hydrate yourself.



It Detects Leakages in openings like a door or a window

Leakages in opening a house can disrupt the optimum temperature of your home. Openings such as doors or windows may have leakages not visible to the naked eye. But you can easily detect leakages with the help of your smartphone.


You can buy or download a thermal imaging application Flir One. All you need to do is open the thermal imaging camera and point towards the section of your door or window. The thermal energy will convert to colored images, detecting any leakage or other damages.


Knowing the leakage and location of the place, you can quickly fix it. After selecting the leakage, you can achieve the desired temperature for your home comfort.



It can be used as a 3D Scanner

Gone are the days of panicking over last-minute changes in 3D scanned models. These days, you can use different scanner software to check everything from documents to even three-dimensional objects.


All you need to do is download the scanning software on your smartphone. Then you can open the scanner's camera and point it toward the desired object. In minutes you will be rewarded with a 3D scan of the thing.



You Can Control a Drone with a Smartphone

The introduction of drones unto the mainstream market has been a recent phenomenon. But controlling drones have now become even more accessible with the help of smartphones.


Your smartphone can now act as the controller of the drone. Your smartphone camera will be able to provide you with visuals and all other forms of data necessary for you to control your drone. You will not require any particular gadget or tool to manage your drones. Instead, your smartphone will do the job for you.



Smartphones have several uses, which cannot be detailed in our article. If you do not know all the convenient and cool things your smartphone can do, perhaps it is time to explore your smartphone a little more. Happy Navigation!



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