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Microsoft started rolling out two new Windows 11 builds to the Windows Insiders in the Beta Channel. The first build (22623.885) comes with new features enabled, whereas the other build (22621.885) comes with new features turned off by default.


If you are an insider in the beta channel, you can upgrade to this build to experience some new features ahead of general availability. Let's see what's new coming up next!


Windows 11 Beta gets Windows Studio Effects, Energy Recommendations, and Expanded View for Widgets
Windows 11 Beta Build 22623.885, and 22621.885


  • Windows 11 Beta Builds 22623.885 and 22621.885 are now rolling out.
  • The latest update comes as KB5020054 to insiders in the Beta Channel.
  • If you landed to build 22621.885, can forcefully upgrade to build 22623.885 by manually checking for updates.
  • This build adds access to Windows Studio Effects from Quick Settings, Energy Recommendations, Expanded View for Widgets, and more.


What's new and improved in Windows 11 Build 22623.885

Access Windows Studio Effects from Quick Settings

With the latest Windows 11 build in the Beta Channel, Microsoft adds Windows Studio Effects to be accessed directly from the Quick Settings page on the taskbar. For this to work, your device must support Neural Processing Unit (NPU).


When enabled, this feature will make it easy to quickly enable and configure the camera effects and audio effects from the flyout in addition to the Settings page.


Access Windows Studio Effects from Quick Settings
Access Windows Studio Effects from Quick Settings


Energy Recommendations

Microsoft adds energy recommendations under the "Power and Battery" settings page. You can access it by navigating to Settings > System > Power & Battery > Energy Recommendations.


The page will allow you to review and apply these recommendations to improve the energy efficiency of your computer. This will also reduce the carbon footprint of your PC.


Energy Recommendations
Energy Recommendations


Expanded View in Widgets

If you need more space in your widgets board, you can now do so by expanding the size of your widgets board. This feature is now rolling out to the Windows 11 Beta Channel users, with build 22621.885 and 22623.885.


After installing this build, you can expand and collapse the widgets by clicking the expand/collapse button present at the top-right corner of the board.


Expanded View in Widgets
Expanded View in Widgets


The size of your board is remembered, so if you prefer your widgets board to always show you more content and leave it expanded then that’s how it will be the next time you open it, says Microsoft.


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